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10 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home

If you are struggling to figure out something special to do for Valentine's Day this year, don’t worry. Wish is here to help take the anxiety out of planning the perfect date night. From creating a romantic atmosphere at home to cozying up together for a movie marathon, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to ensure you and your other half have a memorable Valentine’s Day holiday together. 

1. Plan a romantic dinner

Skip the stress of reservations and plan a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home with your sweetheart. Whether you cook together or order from your favorite restaurant, create a candlelit dinner for two with a DIY table setting. Sprinkle heart-shaped confetti on a white or red tablecloth and display a floral centerpiece. Amp up the ambiance of the tablescape with candlesticks, champagne flutes, and heart-shaped dinnerware like these cute paper plates. heart shaped paper plate

heart shaped paper plate

2. Set the mood with room decorations

Filling your home with on-theme Valentine’s Day decor will help set the romantic mood for the day. Love and heart balloons or heart-shaped garlands are simple ways to decorate and can serve as the perfect photo opt background for you and your beau to commemorate the day.

heart shaped balloons

Valentine’s Day balloons

3. Organize an at-home cinema/movie night

Snuggle up in front of your TV screen or use a projector to create the ultimate theater viewing experience. No movie night is complete without popcorn, so try a popcorn maker and popcorn boxes for the authentic experience. You can also jazz up the ambiance of the room with fairy lights.

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 3.40.17 PM-1movie night projector

4. Pull off the perfect floor picnic

A cozy indoor picnic can be the perfect alternative to a table-side dinner. Choose a large, comfy blanket, and adorn with floor cushions and/or pillows for seating. For intimate lighting, decorate the floor with LED Floor candles and rose petals.

Romantic candles for Valentine's Day

Romantic candles for Valentine's Day

5. Host the ultimate game night

A game night is a fun date option that can last for hours. Put away your electronic devices and get ready for a night filled with laughter and reconnecting with classic card games, board games, trivia or pick up something new like this Love Language card game.

Valentine's Day couples game

love language card game

6. Create a memory scrapbook 

Make something you’ll cherish for years to come by organizing a scrapbook of your relationship together. For this, you’ll need to plan in advance to print out favorite photos of your romance. Then, choose a memory book, like this one which comes with stickers, glue, and everything you need to capture your memories.

Memory book date night idea

memory book date night idea

7. Have a spa day

Take time to relax and rejuvenate together with a stay-at-home spa day. Secure a basket with everything needed for the experience including foot soaks, bath bombs and robes. To enhance the zen environment, dim the lights, try an essential oil diffuser and set the mood with a relaxing playlist.

spa night

spa night

8. Try a couples hand-casting kit

If you’re into keepsakes, then a hand-casting kit might be the thing for you. It’s a unique and artful way for you and your partner to have a memento holding hands in the form of a 3D mold that will last forever.

hand casting kit - couples

hand casting kit - couples

9. Get creative with an indoor scavenger hunt

Plan a friendly adventure in the comfort of your home with a scavenger hunt. You can take the DIY route with handwritten clues that lead to each spot around the house until the final destination and prize is reached (hint: it’s easier to start planning the end destination and work backwards). Or, you can buy a ready-made game.

Scavenger hunt kit
scavenger hunt kit

10. Coordinate an unforgettable virtual Valentine’s Day date 

Planning to spend such a romantic holiday with a loved one without being physically present in front of each other can be tough, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy the day together. Options include signing up for a virtual paint night, having dinner together over your phone screens, or taking turns screen sharing Google map walking tours of your favorite towns. You may even want to send matching couples gifts that you can both can show off on your virtual date, such as his and her mugs, jewelry and clothing.

couples first Valentine’s Day matching t-shirts

couples first Valentine’s Day matching t-shirts

One last idea to make the holiday special—visit our Valentine’s Day page of best-selling items for thoughtful gift ideas to wow your partner. Once you’re done finding something for your sweetheart,  you can also check out gifts for your friends, pets, and more. Happy Valentine’s Day!