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Which Wish Item Will You Be Falling in Love With This Valentine’s Day?

Tis the season of love! Whether you plan on gifting chocolates, flowers, or a simple present, it’s all about that four-letter word: L-O-V-E.

Some of you may ADORE this time of the year, and others can’t start running fast enough, but we do know one thing that can allow everyone to meet in the middle—their beloved Wish item. 

What’s yours? How about a cherry shaped toilet brush? A hot tub? What about a meditation pillow? Not sure?

Don’t wait. Take our Valentine’s Day quiz to find out which Wish item you’ll fall in love with in 2021.  


And as much as we all love a present, doesn’t it feel so much better when you can share it with family and friends? You’re in luck because we’re giving you $1,000 Wish Cash this year.

All you have to do is share and show us your favorite Wish item you can’t live without. New call-to-action

The contest begins on February 1st. Don’t forget to tag us @WISH with #hugsnwishes and upload a photo or video to this landing page. That way, you’ll be in the running to win all that Wish Cash, YAY!

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We wish 😉 you the best of luck and lots of love this Valentine’s Day! 💋