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Watch Now: Wish Brings its Discovery Experience to Life with New Campaign

You know that awesome feeling of excitement you get when you visit the Wish app? We’ve extended that beyond just scrolling and translated it into a playful “World of Wish” campaign video. 

Known for a treasure-trove of endless finds, Wish’s immersive discovery shopping experience has been brought to life with a creative concept that captures the app’s instant ability to deliver moments of joy, while encouraging shoppers to embrace their own uniqueness.

Conceptualized by the creative agency, Whale, the video opens up with the main character hanging out in her bathroom and opening the Wish app. We then see a reflection of Wish’s iconic Blitz Buy wheel in her eyes as a green light begins to illuminate her wall. Immediately, she notices the light is a w-shaped portal and, as she reaches out to touch it, she is pulled in and lands in on a bed of beauty sponges. The video then follows her through a series of dynamic transitions as she unlocks playful outfit changes and whimsical adventures that evoke her inner passions, until she is eventually transported back into the calmness of her bathroom. The film ends with the words, “You Wish.” It’s our invitation to you to discover the abundance of amazing products and categories that can help your inner wishes come true. 

With the new campaign, we hope to spark your imagination with the exhilarating experiences you will find along your own personal journey while exploring the app. Are you ready to see the big reveal? Check out the video below.

The campaign falls on the heels of Wish releasing the first phase of its rebrand rollout. Click here to learn more about the new logo.