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Vote for Wish: Google Play Fan Favorite App of 2018

Do you love shopping on the Wish App? Addict or not, you can now show your appreciation by voting for the Wish Shopping App in Google Play's new survey!

Wish has been nominated for Fan Favorite App of 2018 in Google Play’s annual Best Of Awards!


Google Play’s Best Of 2018 Awards recognizes the standout digital experiences that make each year special. The Fan Favorite App of 2018 is a new category where users can vote for their favorite app. The nominee with the most votes will be crowned the Fan Favorite App of 2018, which will be announced on the Play Store on December 3rd, 2018.

If I were you, I would cast that vote ASAP, so you can continue shopping the unbeatable prices on our app. You can vote by following  this link. Keep in mind that each person will have one vote, and you must log into a Google account to vote.

A note to our fans: as the award winner is chosen by YOU (our fans), we highly encourage you to spread the word (#GooglePlayBestOf & @GooglePlay on Twitter). Why? So we can brag all day and night about what a wonderful shopping experience we have bestowed upon you.