VAT Changes Coming to the EU - What You Need to Know

We’ve got news for you and it’s all about VAT. This summer, a new VAT policy update will occur, and Wish is here to make this new policy work for you. 

So you might be thinking, what’s changing? What will be different? Will this affect my orders?

We are here to help answer all your questions and put your mind at ease. We’ve compiled all the essential information regarding the new policy, and we've broken it down to make it super easy and hassle-free. Because shopping on Wish is fun, and we want to keep it that way! 

What You Need to Know

  1. Starting July 1st, 2021, VAT will be applied to all purchases in the EU – including both local and international items. 

  2. The VAT update in policy is happening to all e-commerce merchants within the EU, this is not exclusive to Wish. 

  3. All prices for any items will include VAT. We’ll always show you the total you’ll have to pay for your order.

The Good Stuff

  1. We have a direct line to our vendors and merchants which means prices will remain low.

  2. No more customs drama! Yes, we mean it. The new VAT policy changes will reduce stress, help prevent items from being held at customs, and speed up delivery.

  3. Simple and easy returns. As always, you can return items within the 30-day policy and receive a store credit (Wish Cash) [in addition to any other rights you may have under applicable law.]

Want More?

Click here to find out everything VAT regarding all the newest updates. 

Need some help now? We’re here for you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Wish customer support through the Wish app OR contact us on Twitter @WishSupport.

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