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Top 5 Wedding Guest Dresses for Less Than $20

It’s time to celebrate! 

Have you been waiting to celebrate a friend’s special day? Are you attending a small intimate family ceremony? Social distancing is still the vibe, but we see some micro-weddings in your future. New call-to-action

As we’ve all been eagerly waiting to dress up and let that hem fly in the wind, we’re giving you the best of Wish: 5 gorgeous feminine, flirty, and chic dresses that are all under $20. Can you believe it, though?

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Sweet and delicate – is that the way you like it? We’re guessing that’s a yes, which means this Lace Long Sleeve Dress is made for you. 

pale pink lace 1Sansome dress

Are you looking for something a bit brighter? Wish can help you there! Try this Baby blue polka dot dress. Embody this vibrant color and dazzle the dance floor any time of day. 

blue big dot tiered dress with a bow wedding 1Sansome dress

Do you need something bold? You’re not one to play second fiddle to anyone! Look no further; this Copper corset creation is all about making a statement. 

copper corset wedding spring 1Sansome dress

How about some feminine and soft with a subtle tone? Then you’ve found it. This Yellow Soft Polka dress meets your style needs. 

yellow polka dot wedding spring 1Sansome dress

AND a classic that can’t be beat. A little flirty hem, a deep V, and a bow – what else do you need from this Green Ruffle Hem dress? 

green ruffle hem deep v wedding spring 1Sansome dress

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How about being inspired? We’re feeling the excitement in the air and all the newness life has to offer. 

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Comment below and let us know which dress you’ve fallen in love with or which one you Wish for! 😉