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The Future Looks Bright with Moms and Mini-Me's of Wish

We’re not going to sugar coat it: times are tough, Wish fam. Fortunately, tough times never last, but tough people do. As we look to the future, it’s important to remember that there is new life flourishing all around us!

We’ve rounded up our favorite pictures of soon-to-be Wish moms and their little ones, just to brighten your day. Hopefully, this serves as a reminder that not only do we still have a future, but also, that future is freaking adorable.

Storms sure can be hard to weather, but there is always the hope of a 🌈 at the end. This smiley little guy is the very incarnation of colorful, light-filled prisms!

We challenge you to look at him and NOT be filled with joy.

Pregnant woman


Speaking of light: pregnancy glow is a very real thing.

As you can see, this soon-to-be-mama is as radiant as the sun! And this gorgeous Wish dress only adds to the brilliant goddess look she’s rocking.

If new life can make @vs.fotografa_ shine from within, surely a little of that optimism will leak out into the world.

Babies make the future worth fighting for, and this little firecracker came out of the womb ready to battle!

sleeping baby


The powers-that-be better watch out, because we can already tell she’s a force to be reckoned with.

There’s nothing more natural than motherhood. The simplicity of this beautiful photo really sums that up!

Pregnant mom to be


The possibilities for @femmeninalita’s baby’s future are as endless as this field.

The term “sleep like a baby” exists for a reason! The world may seem chaotic and tumultuous right now, but for this little angel, everything is at peace.

sleeping baby

We should really take a page out of her book and learn to leave our worries behind when we hit the hay.

This mom-to-be stands out like a rare flower blossoming among the bushes. Her Wish dress provides a lovely pop of color (not to mention it looks comfy to boot!).

pregnant mom in dress


She shows us that each pregnancy is just as unique as every woman. What’s better than knowing there’s no one else out there who’s quite like you?

It’s been said that a baby fills a place in your heart you didn’t know was empty.

In this case, it’s our stomach! If something this cute exists, consider our faith in the world restored.

There’s no bond like that of mother and child, and that bond serves a great purpose: it shields little ones from life’s dangers.

They need protection from everything, whether it’s soapy water in their eyes or bigger and badder aspects of the world.

But just like this bathing cap, parents provide that shelter for their newborns! And there’s nothing as comforting as the knowledge of a parent’s protection.

Mothers live on through their babies. Even as the sun sets on @annanataliie’s luminous pregnancy, soon, a new life will begin and the sun will rise all over again, with the birth of her little one!

pregnant mom to be


This can genuinely give us all something to hope for: even when times feel dark, light is on its way. You just have to be patient.

So, we know life feels very uncertain and downright gloomy right now. But one thing you can be sure of is that life always finds a way – just like Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park.

These radiant expecting mamas and happy babies prove it!

But wait! This isn’t the only family we have to gather strength and joy from in these tough times.

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