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The Best of 2020: Top Contest Winners and How You Can Win Wish Cash

This year has been challenging, BUT you made it! We’re proud of you. 💪

To wrap up the year, we created a list of the best of the best—the Top 10 videos from 2020 of all the Wish contests winners.

Be prepared to be entertained, be amazed, and remember what brought us through this one of a kind year.

The Joy We Needed

As much as this year brought us challenges, it also brought us entertainment like no other. The random moments of laughter and the boredom of a lifetime brought us a TON of unexpected happiness.

We needed all the laughs and can only thank you, Wish fam. Check out the videos below.




Thank You, Forever and Always

This year, we relied on each other. We want to thank everyone who educated, cared for, and loved us throughout this time.

The endless nights, the long days spent with daily hiccups, and throughout it all, motivation to keep going.

Thank you, Parents

Thank you, Teachers

AND Thank you, Healthcare Workers

Discover how they won us over in 2020 below.



Feature Films Coming Soon

There were numerous Wish contests this year, which only meant a vast amount of videos.

When we asked our Wish customers to get creative, they showed up and showed out! I think we might have some rising talent on our hands.

Take a look at these burgeoning film stars.




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Right now, you can enter the Cozy Wishmas contest for your chance to win $1,000 Wish Cash. Check out this video below for some holiday inspiration.


The contest ends soon, on December 20th, so enter now!

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