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5 Space-Saving Home Office Ideas to Help Productivity

Short on space and working from home? For many who are working remotely, your home office space may be small, filled with clutter, and in need for a much overdue upgrade to help you increase productivity. We’ve put together a few simple ideas to help you make the most of your limited space and set your workday up for success. 

1. Utilize vertical space

Like a crowded city, when you don’t have much room to expand, the only way to go is up. Add in floating shelving units to keep office supplies organized and off your desk. You can also add decorative items that bring you joy, such as photos or candles, to create a more visually inspiring workstation. 

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2. Incorporate multifunctional furniture 

If you have a large mess, consider pieces that do double duty as storage and office furniture, while also complementing the space. A storage bench, for example, can be used to house your belongings, while also serving as a footrest or additional seating area when you get tired of your desk chair.

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3. Go portable with a foldable desk 

Sometimes a change of scenery is necessary to help reenergize your productivity after spending long hours in the same spot. A foldable desk can be transported to any area of your home, or even outside when you need some fresh air.  It can easily be folded down when not in use, and is a great option if you don’t have space to dedicate to a full home office set up. As an added bonus, it can also be used as a food tray when you want to have meals in bed or on the couch. 

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4. Make it personal without adding bulk

Are your current office vibes dragging you down? Update the area to suit your personality and interests, but in a way that is clutter-free. For example, instead of adding even more objects to your desk, enhance the aesthetics with gorgeous rugs, wallpaper, inspirational imagery, or artwork. That way it will be a destination you actually want to be in while you work.

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5. Add extra storage

Look at your desk. Does everything need to be on there? Having too many things can feel chaotic, but you can keep it tidy with self-adhesive drawers that can easily be attached under your desk. Simply slide the drawer out when you need something in it, and when it’s not in use, you’ll forget it’s even there. 

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