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The Shady Gift Guide: 10 Great Passive-Aggressive Gifts

Whether you want to or not, you’ll probably have to do some shopping for the shady people in your life to keep the peace. Like your aunt, for example, who never fails to remind you that your window for reproducing is ticking away. But alas, she’s family, and you promised Michelle Obama that when they go low, you’ll go high.

If you’re trying to make nice, take the high road and get the people you put up with a little something special. Keep it classy with these 10 great passive-aggressive holiday gifts for people you hate but have to tolerate. 

1. For the person who’s always in your business

full faceshield sunglasses

For the preachy aunt who’s just worried about your health, return the favor with this stylish face shield. Bonus: she can’t see how annoyed you are when she’s wearing these shades.

2. For your roommate who doesn’t clean 

toilet light from wish

Live with a roommate who has trouble aiming? This motion sensor toilet light is one of the best boomerang gifts around. It’ll light up the toilet bowl during their midnight sessions so you won’t wake up to any backsplash surprises. 

3. For the parent whose naughty kid can do no wrong 

voice changing megaphone

What’s almost as painful as stepping on a little toy block? Entertaining kids going through their knock-knock joke phase. For your coworker who won’t stop boasting, gift their spawn a voice-changing megaphone so they can fumble their way through a punchline at piercing decibels. 

4. For the teen you’re afraid of but secretly want to impress

black and gold wireless headphones

Every new generation of teenagers goes on to terrify the sh*t out of their contemporaries. These noise-canceling headphones are a satisfactory peace offering for your trendy-yet-angsty teen cousin who took one look at you and said, “skinny jeans are out.” 

5. For your sister who regularly shares TMI 

small earwax camera

Could you have lived your whole life without knowing how far your sister’s pimple popped this morning? For the person who isn’t well-versed in boundaries, get them this earwax camera so they can see themselves the way you see them.

6. For your frenemy

super rhinestone necklace bib

This one is for your rival who constantly feels the need to try and one-up you. Give them the biggest, flashiest piece of jewelry you can find and say, “I saw this and thought of you!”

7. For your BFF’s sucky significant other

novelty chameleon socks

For those of you genuinely gifting socks to people…do better! But for those of you with a dash of spite in your heart, novelty socks are a nice, subtle way to stiff someone. It’s a gift that says, “I tried very little,” without actually saying it.  

8. For the micromanager who needs to chill

lavendar and eucalyptus essential oils

Look, passion is a beautiful thing, but work-life balance is undefeated. Gift your boss who regularly contacts you after work hours this essential oil set and a diffuser (sold separately). You’ll be relieved to know that it might convince them to take some time for themselves. 

9. For your neighbor who thinks they’re the HOA

yeti bigfoot statue with gnome

Sorry, I didn’t mean for a few of my leaves to blow over to your flawlessly manicured lawn, neighbor. I’ll talk to the wind and ask it to keep it down. Please accept this bizarre Bigfoot lawn ornament, I mean, very stylish antique heirloom, as a token of apology. 

10. For someone who loves to spill the tea

european tea set

Tea and shade go together like peanut butter and jelly. This stunning, vintage-inspired tea set is a fantastic present for the office gossip. 


Wrapping up

There you have it! A super practical gift guide for the people you tolerate in your life. Everyone’s a little shady once in a while, so these gifts are perfect for poking fun while still keeping the peace. For more incredible deals on unique gifts, browse Wish