5 Fun Kids Gardening Tools on Wish

April is National Gardening Month, so of course, that’s when Earth Day happens! One simple way to honor the Earth is to beautify your indoor or outdoor spaces with pollinator gardens, trees, or vegetable gardens. Gardening is a great bonding activity that you can do with your kids. Plus, it’ll help them understand the world around them. 

If you and your little ones want to spend some more time outdoors this month, check out 5 fun kids gardening tools on Wish, picked by our editors for being remarkable in their own ways! 

Picks for kids gardening tools 

Best kids gardening tool set

kids gardening toolset

The best kids gardening tool set goes to this 16-piece gardening toolset because of its practicality and affordable price! It comes with mini tools that are perfectly sized for young kids and includes gardening essentials like a spade, hand rake, air duster, spray mister, and more. 

Throw in its 4.5-star average rating, and you’ve got an immediate “add to cart” item! Just be sure to tuck the tweezers and pruning scissors away in a safe space for adult-supervised use only.  

Best basic gardening essential 

kids gardening gloves

Before you get anything else, get these. Children’s gardening gloves are the #1 essential garden tool for kids! And not just because it keeps little hands and fingernails from getting dirty. Gloves can prevent scrapes or blisters while using tools and act as a barrier between hands and the fungi, parasites, and bacteria that live in garden soil and potting mixes.  

According to the description, the orange kids coated garden gloves are best for children between 4 and 7 years old, while the blue gloves are best for kids between 8 and 13 years old. Make sure you double-check that you’re ordering the correct size according to the color. 

Best seed variety 

flower seeds

To get your kids invested in gardening, let them choose which plants they want to grow. This listing features over 25 varieties of flower seeds for under $4 per pack. Choose anything from garden variety sunflowers to romantic powder puffs. Then, all you have to do is plant the seeds, nurture them, and watch your child’s understanding of the world grow! 

Best outdoor planting bags

raised garden bed

If you’ve got a dedicated outdoor space at home, raised garden beds are an excellent option for those teaching their children how to garden. It allows kids to see new growth easily and deters burrowing animals from snacking on plants before you can harvest them. 

This 100-gallon raised garden bed features over 250 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. Because it’s made of fabric, it’s lightweight, quick to set up, and costs less than traditional metal or wood garden beds. This vertical planting bag or potato planting bag with 4-star ratings may be better for apartment living.  

Best splurge

hydroponic system

This hydroponic growing system wins the title for best kids gardening tool splurge! Think of it as ultra-low stakes indoor gardening because you won’t need to water your plants every day. You won’t even need to keep it near a window because it contains built-in LEDs to assist with photosynthesis. 

Kids can use it to propagate plant cuttings and grow herbs without soil. Plus, it’s sleek enough to display anywhere, like on kitchen counters, dinner tables, or bedrooms. 

Honorary mention: Equipment for fast-growing mushrooms

Okay, you can’t really consider this a garden tool for kids, but it is fantastic enough to merit an honorary mention! If you feel like you or your kid aren’t ready to commit to a full-scale garden, growing oyster mushrooms is a fast-track solution! Check out the items here to find what you’ll need to start growing your own mushrooms.

That wraps up this list of fun kids gardening tools on Wish. For more kid-friendly finds, check out 10 Affordable Easter Egg Stuffers That Are Sweeter To Receive Than Candy