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Honoring #WishWomen for Women’s History Month - Maral Behnam Garcia

As Women’s History Month rolls on, we’re excited to keep sharing stories of  #WishWomen behind the scenes of our App, whose hard work enables shoppers to enjoy Wish every day. But work is only part of what they spend their time doing. Just like our shoppers, the women of Wish are resourceful and creative, with multifaceted skill sets.

In addition to being proficient in many areas, #WishWomen has a lot of responsibilities. No matter what these are, Wish is likely to have products that can help at prices that certainly don’t hurt

A woman’s job is never done, even amidst a global health crisis. Whether you’re a full-time mom, employee, or both, like our next Wish Woman, Maral Behnam-Garcia, you’ve been going full speed ahead for a whole year.


Maral heads up the Brand Protection team at Wish and oversees a group of 15 all day while simultaneously raising two young boys the rest of the time. She’s even expecting another baby in May, so her hands will be even more full!

When the days feel impossibly long and short at the same time, there are a few fantastic Wish products that come to her rescue. These are trying times, and working from home while keeping the family entertained and happy has been quite a challenge for everyone, Maral and her husband included.

Let’s be real: you can only lounge around on the couch so much during a pandemic with your family. Sometimes Maral wants to change it up for them! When it’s time to relocate the party for a change of scenery, she’s got this tremendous outdoor movie setup comprised entirely of Wish products. 




Forget the camping chairs. This inflatable mattress takes movie-marathoning to the next level. And this projector screen was such a great bargain. They had enough cash left over to pick up a remote-control soundbar to upgrade their whole entertainment system.

Maral can't live without her favorite attire from the Brands on Wish store when it comes to comfy loungewear. If you’re going to be stuck at home all day, you might as well be stylish! This sweatsuit is her go-to outfit for feeling cozy but still put together. Having outfits that just make you smile as soon as you don them has been essential during these unprecedented times – whatever brightens your day is well worth it.

Lunchtime is a whole new challenge now that homeschooling is the norm. Her boys love dinosaurs, so she picked up some of these dino cookie cutters! Their favorite sandwiches are just so much yummier in these whimsical shapes. 


Keeping things interesting for their kids has become a full-time job for Maral and her husband, but they’ve found it’s little things like this that make all the difference. 

And last but not least, the quarantine haircut. Moms often wear many hats, and for Maral, “barber” has been another role to add to her list during shelter-in-place. This hair cut cape has been a lifesaver for those DIY ‘dos, and a pair of professional hair cutting scissors ensure no hair is out of place.


Maral is just an example of a Wish Woman who made it through the last year as best she could with what she had -- and Wish helped by providing a little extra. There were times when nights filled with outdoor movie marathons made all the difference in the monotony of 2020.

During this pandemic, some of us have struggled to find a little peace by creating our ideal environment. Others have been striving to keep our families and partners happy while also keeping ourselves feeling good. New call-to-action

Collectively, womens’ resilience and creativity in the face of dire circumstances is what unites us. And we’ll continue to do the best we can while letting Wish help us out whenever great shopping deals can lend a hand.

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