Heading to College? Pack These 9 Dorm Room Essentials

You did it! All your hard work paid off and you’re getting ready to take the exciting big step of moving away from home and into a college dorm. It can be thrilling and nerve-racking at the same time. To save you some of the stress, we’ve put together a list of affordable must-haves to help your new abode feel like a home away from home. Prepare for your college dorm move-in with these essentials.
  1. Because you’ll need sleep: bedding
    After cramming for exams (or ahem partying), you’ll want to climb into a cushy bed so that you can get well rested after turning the lights off. Dorm room beds aren’t exactly comfy, so you’ll need to boost the cozy factor with high-quality, ultra soft pillows, fitted sheets, and warm blankets.
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  2. Because you’ll need to cook sometimes: a portable burner
    Cafeteria options can get a little tiresome, and you’ll eventually reach your ramen noodles limit. Even within a small space, you can whip up your own meals and become a dorm room master chef with a portable burner.
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  3. Because you need to be comfortable: slippers
    After running across the campus from class to class, your tired feet will crave something with comfy cushioning. Whether you’re walking the dorm halls or just hanging in your room, grab a pair (or two) of reliable, pillow-soft footwear.
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  4. Because you need to be on time: an alarm clock
    On occasion, you may be late to class and need to slip in quietly, but don’t make it a habit. Get a cute alarm clock to remind you to get out the door on time.

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  5. Because you’ll need some extra light: lamps
    Adding a lamp or two will not only dress up your room decor, but it will also come in handy for late night studying and reading.
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  6. Because you might get sick: a thermometer
    Overall, you should have a first aid kit and make sure it’s equipped with a thermometer so you can check your temperature if you’re not feeling well.
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  7. Because you need to practice good hygiene: shower slippers
    Communal showers can be a breeding ground for germs. Protect your feet with slides to keep them from touching anything gross that may be living on the floor.

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  8. Because you’ll want to create a personal aesthetic: rugs
    Deck out your room with a stylish rug that can help transform your space and make it feel like home. Plus, it’s way better than hardwood floors or dorm carpeting.

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  9. Because you’ll need to declutter: closet organizers and storage
    Stay well organized with compartment storage boxes that can help you make the most of your space and keep your wardrobe tidy.

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