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15 Essential Gardening Tools for the Perfect Garden

Sunny afternoons spent tending to your garden — what could be better? While gardening is a great hobby to pick up, sometimes plants can be finicky. They need proper TLC to flourish and bloom. To get the most out of your, flowers, herbs, or anything else you may be cultivating, you need the right tools for the job. When it comes to gardening tools, must-have items aren’t limited to just the basics. There are lots of handy tools that can make your gardening life just a little bit easier. 

Ready to see your gardening skills blossom? Keep reading for the ultimate gardening tools list!

The Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is one of life’s most time-honored, simple pleasures. There’s just something so satisfying about digging your hands into the earth. 

There’s a reason why so many of life’s most meaningful sayings come from gardening, such as the metaphorical meanings of “planting your roots,” “sowing your seeds,” and “reaping your harvest.” It’s because gardening is a way of life. Gardening not only gives us food for physical nourishment — it creates beneficial rituals that benefit the planet and feel good for the soul. 

Whether your favorite part of gardening is cooking a gourmet meal with something you harvested, watching a head of lettuce grow a little bigger each day, or feeling like a part of something larger than yourself, there’s a lot to love about gardening. 

In a world dominated by instant satisfaction powered by smartphones and high-speed internet, gardening is a reminder that good things come to those who wait. And trust us, waiting for those petals to bloom or those tomatoes to ripen can certainly test your patience! 

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15 Gardening Tools & Must-Have Items 

You’ve probably already got plenty of reasons why you love gardening. Now let’s get into the how. While much can be done by hand, certain gardening tools make the process much more efficient and effective. We’ve compiled a list of fifteen gardening tools, must-have items and handy gadgets to ensure a bountiful harvest every season.

1. Forged Trowel

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When it comes to basic gardening tools, a forged trowel is one of the first purchases you should make. While very simple in design, this hand tool has multiple functionalities: it can dig small holes, aerate the soil, and dig up pesky weeds. Traditionally, forged trowels have a curved steel blade or scoop with a wooden handle. This tool is great to have on hand when transplanting flowers or vegetables into bigger pots. And since it’s a hand tool, it won’t take up any storage space.

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2. Garden Hoe

A garden hoe is one of the most common gardening tools,  that has been used since the very first ancient farms. The fact that they’re still a gardening go-to today only shows just how effective this basic, simple tool can be. Use the curved blade to clear a garden bed, to cultivate the soil, and to break up weeds as you prepare your garden. Chances are you’ve seen a garden hoe before, but if you haven’t, a garden hoe is similar to a rake, just without the grooves. The main difference is that it’s meant to even out and break up the soil, not to clear dead leaves. Trust us, life will be much easier with a garden hoe. 

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3. Gardening Gloves

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When you’re digging in the dirt, you’ll be glad you invested in gardening gloves. First, they keep your hands dirt-free. If you’ve got manicured nails, a cut on your hand, or just hate the feeling of dirt under your nails, this advantage alone is enough to invest in a good pair of gardening gloves. But if you don’t mind a little dirt, the other reason to get gardening gloves is to protect your hands from whatever might be in the soil. They protect you from sharp objects, potential biting insect,s,  and germs from animals. Gloves are an affordable investment.  

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4. Seed Sower 

A seed sower has one simple mission: it makes the planting process more efficient. Anyone who has tried manual seeding can attest to the difficulty of selecting each seed individually from its storage container — especially when there are several rows of seeds to plant! A seed sower stores the seeds together, and then disperses them one at a time as it helps create a small hole for them. That way all you have to do is then cover the seed with dirt and water it. Simple technology makes all the difference!

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5. Seed Labels

Seed labels are especially helpful beginners’ gardening tools, but even expert gardeners benefit from them. When you plant multiple varieties of flowers or vegetables near each other, it can be easy to lose track of which seed is planted where. Simply write the name of the species on the label and stick it in the ground where you planted the seed. This way, you’ll know which plant is where and then tend to them accordingly, as all plants don’t require the same amount of water, sunlight, and attention. No more accidentally overwatering those tomatoes! 

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6. Gardening Knee Pads

A gardening knee pad is an underrated gardening essential. This is one of those items that may be tempting to leave off the gardening tools list, but you’ll be so thankful you for it! Gardening can take hours, especially when you’re tending to the soil, planting seeds by hand, pruning, and harvesting. Unless you have raised beds or potted plants, you will be working on the ground for an extended period of time. Give your joints a break and get a soft, forgiving knee pad so you won’t be sore the next day from all your hard work. 

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7. Garden Rake

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A rake is hugely beneficial if you are clearing an area to create a garden. A rake captures fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris so you can prepare the soil to plant seeds. The grooves also aerate the soil, breaking up large clumps of dirt, dead roots, and making it more malleable for when you plant the seeds. If you’re just using potted plants on your deck, or have a small rooftop garden, a full-size rake is not needed. However, it is a must for medium to large-sized garden plots.

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8. Pruning Shears

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A good pair of pruning shears are one of the best gardening hand tools to have. Pruning is both cosmetic and beneficial for the health of growing plants. Trimming dead leaves is like giving a plant a haircut, eliminating dead weight and freeing up the plant to more resources. When the plant no longer has to supply nutrients to a dead or dying stem or leaf, it can more efficiently allocate its nutrients to the healthy stems and leaves. A good pair of pruning shears will keep your plants healthy and strong and looking great! 

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9. Garden Hose

This gardening tool must-have is crucial for medium to large-sized gardens. A hose with multiple spray functions that provides different water pressures, from mist to shower to jet, is ideal. It allows you to tailor the water pressure to your plants’ needs. When not in use, keep the hose coiled and out of the sun. Not to mention, a hose allows you to rinse off the fruits and eat them right off the vine! 

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10. Watering Can

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If you do not have a hookup for a hose near your garden, a watering can is crucial! This is one of the most classic tools needed for gardening and is perfect for potted plants and small gardening plots. Filling up a watering can and watching the plants drink up that life-giving liquid forces you to slow down and, quite literally, smell the roses. A watering can help make gardening more of a meditative practice. Get a cute one with a long spout or a classic galvanized metal one – there’s one to suit every style! 

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11. Garden Pots

Sometimes, a few potted plants is all you need to get a mini garden started. And when you have limited space to work with, such as just a patio or a windowsill, pots are the only option for nurturing seedlings. The main thing to note here is that you need to be sure that you get the right size pot for your plant. For example, a tomato plant will grow tall and branch out, so a small pot won’t suffice. Make sure your pots have drainage holes in the bottom, and dishes to catch the excess water.

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12. Soil Acidity Tester

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This handy gadget is a must if you’re dealing with sensitive plants. Certain plant species thrive in specific soil conditions. Before planting, check your soil’s pH level to make sure it is fit to grow the plants. This will require some research, but going the extra mile before planting will ensure you aren’t disappointed when it comes time for harvest. To change the soil acidity, you may need to purchase special fertilizer to adjust the soil for your special plant’s growth. 

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13. Chicken Wire

Chicken wire might be one of those things for gardening you would never think to add to your shopping list — but it sure comes in handy! It’s one of the best ways to protect your seedlings, flowers, and fruit from scavengers and pests. It won’t harm the wildlife and it allows plenty of sunlight and rain to nourish the plants. Plus, you can monitor your plants’ progress at a glance. Surround your garden area with chicken wire, like walls around a castle! 

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14. Plant Support Cage

Everyone needs a little love and support to thrive — even plants! Species like tomato plants that grow tall with heavy fruits require supportive structures to make sure they don’t topple over. You don’t want to lose your hard work over a minor tumble! Simply insert the plant support cage in the ground or pot to keep the plant growing straight up. Other smaller plant support structures help flower stems grow tall and prevent drooping when a heavy flower blooms.

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15. Gardening Apron

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A gardening apron makes a great gift for a gardening friend, and it’s super helpful for any level of gardening expertise. Not only are there lots of cute options out there, but gardening aprons also keep your clothes dirt-free and the pockets can be used to store hand tools when not in use. As you harvest flowers, cherry tomatoes, or zucchini, store your bounty in your apron pockets! We recommend choosing an apron that’s waterproof to protect your clothes from mud and moisture. 

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