Employee Spotlight: Cositas con Claudia

Sep 25, 2020 3:00:00 AM | Wish HQ Employee Spotlight: Cositas con Claudia

I am an avid Wish shopper and for LatinX Heritage Month, I knew exactly where to look to find some cool items, or rather some “cool cositas”.


My name is Claudia Reyes, and I work here at Wish as a Content QA Manager on the Content team.

I am a first-generation Mexican-American woman and with the majority of my family still living in Mexico. I grew up being very in touch with my culture and I love to celebrate it in any way possible!

I am an avid Wish shopper and for LatinX Heritage Month, I knew exactly where to look to find some cool items, or rather some “cool cositas”, to pay homage to my culture. The Wish items I found are very special to me as they remind me of some of my favorite family and cultural traditions and I love a cute accessory, it’s the best of both worlds!

Check out some of my favorite picks below:

Loteria Deck- It’s not a proper Mexican celebration without someone busting out the Loteria deck!

Growing up my family never passed up the chance to win a few bucks going head-to-head with our version of bingo. Even before I knew how to play the game I was always mesmerized by the cards' unique designs, so colorful and eye-catching!

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Avocado Earrings - Yes, I know guac is extra. Just like these extra cute earrings!

Listen, I don’t know about you but for me, a meal is not complete unless it has some aguacate on the side.

Whether it’s with a plate of Mole de Pollo or just slapped onto a simple tortilla with a bit of queso fresco, my love for avocado runs deep and now I can proudly show that off!



Calavera stickers - Check out these cute Calavera stickers! At $5 total for 50 pieces, they’re an absolute steal!

They come in so many awesome and colorful designs that make them perfect for sticking onto your laptop, journals, binder, anywhere really.

I personally like showing them off on my hydro flask.


La Catrina Mask - Speaking of Calaveras, are you looking for a way to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos but don’t want to get face paint all over your face mask? Look no further and check out this amazing Catrina face mask!

What an awesome way to stay safe and still partake in the remembrance of our loved ones.


Dia de Los Muertos Face Tattoo - If you are looking to paint your face but need some help I found these awesome face tattoos that will do just the trick!

They’re super easy to apply and come in 4 different and beautiful designs. I’m not the best at face paint so these are gonna come in handy soon!


Thank you for checking out my picks!

I hope these help inspire you to check out our app and see what you can find to celebrate LatinX Heritage Month.

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Claudia Reyes

Written By: Claudia Reyes