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15 DIY Nursery Decor Ideas to Create a Unique Room for Your Baby

Anticipating the arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for expectant parents.  Naturally, you’ll want to create a warm and cozy space to welcome your newborn home. 

Designing and decorating a modern nursery can get pricy. But you can create the nursery of your dreams for much less using DIY nursery decor.

Beyond affordability, DIY baby room projects helps you give the nursery a personal touch with a distinct feel and vibe. It can become an activity you and your partner or a friend do together. You can even enlist the help of other family members. However, the possibilities are endless and can even be overwhelming. But there’s no need to worry. The DIY baby room decorating ideas in this article will help. You can also get additional inspiration when you check out the Baby Accessories section on the Wish app

15 DIY Nursery Decor Ideas 

A nursery is usually more than just a room where you feed, change, and put your baby down for the night. It’s a place where you display special mementos of your little one. Adding do-it-yourself baby room decorations can perfectly complement these precious keepsakes. 

1. Statement Walls

The color you use on the nursery walls will be essential. It provides the backdrop for all the DIY nursery artwork you might place around the room. You can have many options, from softer pastels to bolder, brighter colors. Consider a neutral color if you’re uncomfortable using bolder options. 

A DIY statement wall can add an artistic touch to this. Just use a sponge cut into the shape you desire. Choose an accent color and create unique paint patterns to highlight one of the room's walls. You could also use unique wallpaper to make a statement wall. For best results, always follow the instructions provided with the wallpaper or paint.

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2. Ombre Wall

Do you think several colors will be perfect for your baby’s nursery? If so, why not select all of them instead of just one? Whether you’re planning for boy or DIY baby girl room decorations,  an ombre wall allows you to display the many colors of the rainbow. Choose the tone you’d like — pastels, primary colors, or neutrals — and get corresponding sample-size paint cans. Mark where you’d like each color to meet and blend, then start with the lightest color (usually yellow) and move on to the others. When creating your DIY nursery decor, you can continue the rainbow theme or use one or two colors from this palette. Be sure to check out DIY ‘how to’ videos for guidance and inspiration.

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3. Rainbow-Colored Mobile

You might want to stick with the rainbow-colored theme throughout the nursery. If so, a DIY rainbow-colored mobile will complement your ombre wall and make it easy to create. You’ll only need an embroidery hoop, string, and colored pom poms. Your tools will consist of a pair of scissors and a needle for threading. 

Your mobile can be simple, consisting of a few strands of pom poms or more. Before starting the project, lay out the pom poms and corresponding strings. Thread the pom poms onto each string, then attach them to the embroidery hoop. You can choose to have rows of varying lengths or keep them even.  The vibrant colors are sure to fascinate your baby. Check out this tutorial for inspiration.

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4. Chalkboard Wall Stickers

For an easy way to add art that you can change up at any time, try removable chalkboard wall stickers. You can write your baby's name on it, inspiring messages, milestones, and more. As an added bonus, as your little one gets older, they'll have so much fun drawing their creations during playtime. 

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5. Paper Art

The use of paper cut out into shapes that match a common theme is just one idea to unify your DIY baby nursery decorations. Do you want a space theme? Cut out stars. How about a sky theme? Cut out clouds. The possibilities are endless. You can hang them or stick onto walls with double-sided tape.

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6. Custom Curtains

Enhance neutral-colored walls with custom curtains. Your selected patterns and colors can add dimension to the nursery. You might consider including elements such as pom poms, tassels, or appliques. These may seem minimal or insignificant, but they can help complete the nursery’s decor.

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7. Nursery Wardrobe Shelf

A bookcase can serve several functions. You can display photos and other items as well as books. However, some bookcases can take up a lot of space, especially in a smaller room. Floating shelves are a great alternative that can free up needed floor space. Add a rack below it and create an area to hang your little one's special outfits.

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8. Repurposed Cabinet for Storage

DIY projects allow you to look at items you’ve considered discarding in a new light. If one of these items in your home is a cabinet, you could repurpose it for useful storage in your baby’s nursery. Depending on the size and number of compartments, it can be used for clothing, baby supplies, or toys. Don’t hesitate to get rid of broken cabinet doors. Hand-woven baskets are a beautiful way to enhance open shelving units. You can also tie in the nursery’s theme by using wallpaper on the back and shelves of the cabinet.

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9. Wooden Toys 

Many do-it-yourself baby rooms include decor for the walls, shelves, and even your baby’s crib. This doesn’t have to be limited to decorative elements. How about using wooden toys as a theme for decor elements? From shape sorters to alphabets, you can find many cute options that do double duty for playtime and decor. 

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10. Baby Name Decorations

Whether it’s a tribute to a family member, based on something significant in your life, or decided on the day of their birth, your baby’s name is a huge part of their identity. It’s a title that will eventually become synonymous with their one-of-a-kind personality. Why not let the world know? 

You can include your baby’s birth date, weight, and length along with their name written on acrylic or silver as a decorative memento to display in their nursery, or check out these name and initial art options on Wish.

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11. Floral Name Sign

You can also make your baby’s name the highlight of the nursery. All it takes is a few craft materials and a hot glue gun—check out this link for ‘how to’ inspiration. Imagine the beauty of your baby’s name displayed in flowers on the wall above the crib. Shapes, outer space, or safari elements could also be unique themes for the backdrop. There’s no limit to what you can create. Let your baby’s name inspire you. 

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12. Birth Memento

Your newborn will grow before your eyes. You might want to remember the day you first saw your little miracle. Creating a birth memento to display in your baby’s nursery using a shadow box can keep this memory alive. 

Choose a size that will allow you to include the baby’s hospital bracelet, newborn footprints, take-home outfit, and any other significant item from your baby’s first day. It can even become a family tradition where you pass on the shadowbox to your child when they become adults. They, in turn, can create one for their baby and do the same. 

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13. Fabric Laundry Basket/Toy Storage

This DIY baby decorating idea can serve a dual purpose. You can use it as a laundry basket or for toy storage. Either will ensure there’ll be fewer items strewn on the floor. You don’t need exceptional sewing skills; it only requires one significant seam. Using fabric is also a safe option, especially when your baby starts to crawl. It’s also a better alternative to a plastic bin which isn’t as environmentally friendly.

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14. Baby Card Collage

Most parents store baby shower cards and well wishes in a keepsake box. Although you may not take it out often, it’s great to reminisce as you look through them later. But what if these memories didn’t have to be forgotten on the top shelf of your closet? 

A baby card collage can be a permanent symbol of the love shared by family and friends. It's a perfect do-it-yourself baby nursery decor item. It can also help prevent cards from deteriorating and becoming permanently destroyed.

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15. Doll House Shelves

Looking for additional ideas? This one can influence a baby’s love of reading. Alter a regular bookcase to create a doll house theme or create one from scratch. Stagger the shelves to imitate the look of the rooms in the dollhouse and attach two pieces of wood at the top of the shelves and push your DIY baby decorating ideas to the next level.

These mimic the roof of the dollhouse. You can use it initially to keep your baby’s favorite stuffed toys, keepsakes, and a few bedtime stories. Add age-appropriate books to the shelves as your baby grows to inspire their love of reading.

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How do you create the perfect nursery for your baby? The answer lies in your hands. DIY nursery decor is a great way to showcase your creativity. It allows you to craft unique pieces that reflect your immense love for your newborn. DIY decor also lets you capture memories of pregnancy, birth, and your baby’s first years.

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