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Daily Deals: The Wish 2020 Holiday Advent Calendar

The Winter Holidays have finally arrived! Time to snuggle by the fire, bake sweet treats, and stock up on gifts for everyone. 

Celebrating the holidays might feel a bit different. But wait, we have something for you to foster that undeniably warm Christmas cheer: the Wish Advent Calendar. 

Each day we’ll be debuting a new must-have Wish item in this article with an extra special surprise for you, 20% off that item for the day. All 24 hours! Could it get any better? Start your holiday shopping today with an early gift 🎁 from Wish.

December 24th - Massage Gun

Promo Code: Advent24

A Wish classic; utility, and comfort all in one.


December 23rd - Drone

Promo Code: Advent23

Since you’ll spend more time at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t venture with this drone.


December 22nd - Cosmetic Storage Box

Promo Code: Advent22

Honestly, who doesn’t love a bit of storage and organization? You’ve got time on your hands, might as well get tidy.


December 21st - Cat Backpack

Promo Code: Advent21

Be the cool cat mom and take your furry friend everywhere.




December 20th - Triangle Wall Shelf

Promo Code: Advent20

While you’re spending time at home with your loved ones, why not re-decorate? If you need more inspo for a full home makeover, click here.


December 19th - Dad Belly Pack

Promo Code: Advent19

It wouldn’t be a Wish article without a weird Wish item, insert the Dad Belly Pack.


December 18th - Multi-Port USB Charger

Promo Code: Advent18

If you don’t have one of these, you need it! As much as you’re staying at home, you have to keep all the devices charged.


December 17th - Rechargeable Hair Trimmers

Promo Code: Advent17

Another Wish favorite! It’s portable, rechargeable, and keeps you fresh 24/7.


December 16th - Mini Bear Heater

Promo Code: Advent16

Who doesn’t love a bit of extra heat during the colder months?


December 15th - 3D Gaming Cup

Promo Code: Advent15

Grab a cup ‘o joe or your favorite beverage to settle in for a gaming session. Remember to stay hydrated!


December 14th - Faux Fur Rug

Promo Code: Advent14

Nothing feels better than when your feet hit the floor, and it’s soft. Rugs are friends.



December 13th - Waterproof Sports Camera

Promo Code: Advent13

When it’s time to get wet and wild, you want to be able to capture it, right?


December 12th - Nail Art Set

Promo Code: Advent12

You might not be making it to the nail shop until next year, but that doesn’t mean the glam has to stop.



December 11th - Plush Pet Bed

Promo Code: Advent11

You know at Wish, we value our pets. Let’s make sure they’re as comfy and cozy as you are.


December 10th - Hoodie Blanket

Promo Code: Advent10

A Wish favorite, curl up in a ball with this must-have item. Believe us, and you’ll probably be buying one for every member of your family.



December 9th - Moscow Mule Mug

Promo Code: Advent9

Even though you might be staying in rather than hitting the streets, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice drinking attire. Bring the Moscow mules home!



December 8th - Colorful Eyeshadow Palette

Promo Code: Advent8

Test new makeup looks during the holiday season. You’re home, so why not try something new?


December 7th - 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Promo Code: Advent7

With so much time on your hands, you might as well break out a puzzle and don’t forget to get the family involved.


December 6th - Solar Power Bank

Promo Code: Advent6

Grab and go! The perfect holiday present to keep you connected anywhere. 


December 5th - Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Promo Code: Advent5

Staying at home means you have oodles of time for self-care. Elongate the routine with this brush and get deep within your pores.



December 4th - Mini Portable Iron

Promo Code: Advent4

Stay proper and classy at a moment’s notice with this gadget. Don’t ever worry about a wrinkle again! 


December 3rd - Moon Fairy Lights

Promo Code: Advent3

Brighten any room or space with these dreamy lights. (Guaranteed happiness to follow after plugging in) 


December 2nd - Waterproof Pet Car Mat 

Promo Code: Advent2

Keep your back seat clean and bring your furry friends everywhere.


December 1st - Ring Light

Promo Code: Advent1

Light up any room and prepare for any virtual holiday celebration with this ring light lamp.

Stay tuned for a new Advent Calendar every day for December. AND, don’t forget a unique promo code too. 

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