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Dec 20, 2023 11:27:10 AM | DIY Easy Craft Ideas for Adults: 18 Fun Ideas to Try

Unleash your creative spark with these easy and rewarding craft ideas for adults! ✓ Browse fun ideas for scrapbooking, painting, sewing, and more with Wish!

Crafting isn't just for kids — it’s an activity that people of any age can enjoy! Adults can unlock their creativity and treat themselves to the joys of arts and crafts. From knitting to painting, crafting gives you a moment away from life's daily stresses, allowing you to create something beautiful and rewarding with your own hands! 

Need help figuring out what your crafting calling is? Let’s dig into some of the best arts and crafts to do at home for adults.

The Benefits of Crafting for Adults 

Crafting and DIY projects for adults allow you to discover your inner child and tap into a newfound wellspring of imagination! It also offers a distinctive way to break free from everyday routines. The satisfaction of creating something by hand, regardless of the result, is well worth your time investment. 

Arts and crafts ideas for adults can lead to casual socialization and even deep friendships when done in groups. The more you craft, the more skills you learn over time. Feelings of pride in a job well done await once you begin your crafting journey. 

18 Creative Craft Ideas for Adults 

While some crafts prove to be useful once finished, remember: crafting should be a pursuit of pleasure and relaxation – not burdened by the pressure of perfectionism. 

Which of these 18 creative craft ideas could be a good fit for you?  

1. Hand-Decorated Mugs

Get creative and make a custom mug that truly reflects your personality! Show off your playful side with fun slogans, quirky doodles, or goofy cartoon drawings of beloved pets. Make use of acrylic markers or paints to create an eye-catching design you won't be able to resist sipping from. No special skills are needed for this craft! 

Hand-decorated mugs can be used for sipping beverages or for storing supplies like paintbrushes. They make heartfelt gifts for Mother’s Day or even for a beloved boss. Decorate mugs as a way to make your house a home or as a craft to do with friends. 

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2. Jewelry Making

Why pay for expensive jewelry when you can make your own and have fun doing it? With various gemstones, beads, and charms at your disposal, homemade jewelry can be as fancy or unique as you’d like. Or, keep it simple and embrace nostalgia with a good old-fashioned friendship bracelet.

When you get into the habit of jewelry making, you’ll always have jewelry to swap, wear, and give as gifts. Whether you specialize in necklaces, anklets, or bracelets, you’ll need clasps and stringing material. Make it all match, or pick a wild color scheme. A jewelry-making party is a fun way to get to know neighbors and bond with friends.

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3. Candle Making

Like jewelry making, candle making is a fun party activity and a nice way to unwind. You’ll need a craft apron and candle-making supplies like wax, wicks, and glass jars. Place the wick in the center of a glass jar, pour the melted wax in, and let it harden. Trim the top of the wick if needed. 

Have fun mixing different colored waxes and experimenting with various fragrances. Every time you burn your homemade candle will remind you of your creative expression. And, of course, they make excellent gifts. 

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4. Scrapbooking

Ready to level up your photo albums? Try scrapbooking. Scrapbooks can include photos, odds and ends, ticket stubs, magazine and newspaper clippings, stickers and decals in various styles. Dedicate a scrapbook to your travels or special occasions like graduations. Use glitter and gel pens to add visual interest and special scrapbooking scissors to create eye-catching borders. 

There are so many accessories and possibilities for scrapbooking; once you start, you might get hooked! 

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5. DIY Coasters

If you’re into home decor DIY projects, you’ll probably enjoy making your own drink coasters. Many opt to use ceramics with cork backing as DIY coasters for absorbency, but tile, paperboard, and wooden materials work, too. 

Create a beautiful rainbow mosaic using tiles, or paint a flat coaster with a funny saying, meaningful design, or theme you love. To help narrow down the design, match the coaster aesthetic to a room in your house where it will reside. You can also design your coasters, especially for car drink holders.

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6. Abstract Painting

When it comes to easy crafts for adults, abstract art is one of the most liberating! There are no rules or expectations for it to look beautiful. Abstract art is up for interpretation. It can be as simple as a canvas painted red or random splotches of color. Try experimenting with different painting techniques, like a palette knife for large strokes or a tiny brush for fine detail. 

Of course, you don’t need a canvas. You can paint an abstract art design on any surface, like wood or even a backyard playground. Abstract art may be done with acrylic or oil paints. Whenever paint is involved in your crafting, you’ll need a way to wash out your paint brushes – this depends on the paint used. You will also need a palette, a newsprint to protect your crafting area, an apron, and paint brushes. 

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7. Sewing

Sewing is one of the most practical, money-saving crafts out there. Whether you’re mending a tear, hemming pants, or making a dress from scratch, a sewing kit or sewing machine will help you get it done. This type of craftsmanship is also handy if you want to add sew-on patches to a purse, backpack, or jacket to show your love and dedication to various organizations, franchises, or causes.

Once you get into the rhythm, doing needlework can be very soothing. It’s the perfect way to pass the time while waiting at a doctor’s office or watching TV. Sewing is a fantastic hobby to pass down to the next generation to become more self-sufficient and save money on tailoring.

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8. Felting

If you enjoy working with textiles, simple crafts for adults involving felting may be your calling. Felt is a natural or synthetic material that can be used to make a variety of crafts. Mold it into figurines, lay it flat to create a wall hanging, or use different techniques to create slippers or shawls. 

Felting kits include the tools you need to create your craft, like needles and glue. This soft material gives a homemade touch to baby toys and handmade items.

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9. Leathercrafting

Leathercrafting is the art of turning a plain piece of leather into something unique. Customize your own leather-bound journal, leather jacket, leather purse, or leather belt. Create grooves and designs with tools to cut through the soft, supple material. Color, shape, and mend leather boots – or even a horse saddle.

If you love precision and are looking for adult craft projects that allow you to put a unique stamp on accessories and other items, leathercrafting is for you. 

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10. Etching

Like leathercrafting, you can use tools to carve your own unique designs into harder materials like glass, ceramics, or stone. If you’ve got good handwriting and want to customize commemorative gifts, etching may be the craft for you. For example, you may want to etch a pair of champagne glasses with your wedding date as an anniversary present. 

Anyone detail-oriented with a steady hand can transfer those skills to the delicate and sophisticated art of etching. Be sure to wear gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from any debris.  

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11. Pottery

Pottery is one of those crafts for adults that involves a bit of physical exercise, and there’s no better way to de-stress than to throw around a slab of clay and mold it! To make pottery, you’ll need access to a kiln to cement the moldable clay into a hardened structure. Whether your kiln is at home or a studio, you’ll also need sculpture tools, tongs, clay pattern rollers, and clay wire cutters to shape and design your pieces. 

Make a mug, vase, or figurine to decorate your home. Over time, develop a style that is uniquely yours. Start simple, then try bigger and more intricate structures.   

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12. Handmade Greeting Cards

Turn your favorite paper crafts into stylish, personalized greeting cards that will surprise and delight the ones you love! With a few simple supplies like scissors, glue, pens, and decorative paper — not to mention lots of creativity - it's easy for any craftsperson to design their own unique stationery. You can let go of store-bought designs; start crafting today with all kinds of exciting experiments in style!

This craft is the kind you give away. Receiving personalized cards for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions will delight friends and family. Maybe they’ll be inspired to join you in crafting their own!

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13. Watercolor Painting

All ages enjoy watercolor painting for its simplicity. Mixing water with color creates a light, delicate style that even beginner artists find achievable. You may choose to use watercolor paints or water-soluble colored pencils – both lend themselves well to impressionism and abstract styles. 

Observing how water and color interact together can be a creative meditation. Put on some soothing music, and you’ve got yourself a lovely afternoon. Consider taking your painting supplies outside on a nice day to capture nature’s beauty. 

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14. Airbrush Painting

For a modern approach to painting, try airbrushing. Airbrush painting works on many different surfaces, from clothing to furniture. Paint is sprayed through a small device for a crisp, vibrant color. It’s a fast and easy way to personalize a tote bag or a pair of plain sneakers.

Airbrushing is a valuable skill to combine with other crafts as well. Interested in making jewelry or DIY coasters, as mentioned above? Jewelry beads and coasters can be airbrushed, too. Once you’re on a crafting kick, you’ll see how one craft leads to another. Soon, you may need a crafting room in your home!

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15. Embroidery 

Love color but not the mess of painting? Embroidery allows you to paint a picture with thread. Using patterns or by freehand, embroider flowers, a phrase or motto, or any scene onto a taut fabric. It can be hung as a picture in a frame when finished.  

Let your creativity run wild and unleash possibilities with the beautiful craft of embroidery! A needle and thread are all you need to start this exciting, low-cost hobby. Learn basic stitching techniques like running stitch or back stitch – whichever suits your style best. Reach for the stars even if you mess up because there’s always a chance at redemption with re-stitching.

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16. Cross Stitching

If you’re brand new to embroidery or needlework, start with cross stitching. Cross stitching is the simplest form of embroidery because you only need to learn one stitch type. Not sure what design to do? Use cross stitch patterns to guide you. Common patterns are floral, natural, and pastoral scenes. 

You’ll get into the groove and find your mind relaxed while your hands go on autopilot. Before you know it, you will have a completed craft to proudly display.

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17. Quilting

Do you want to transform a particular piece of clothing into something even more meaningful? Or make an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind gift for someone close to your heart? Why not explore the relaxing and rewarding craft of quilting? 

With pre-cut fabrics or cherished garments from your closet, you can create beautiful three-layer pieces that serve as cozy reminders or thoughtful presents. All it takes is some creativity – plus sewing machine (or hand stitching!) know-how. Soon enough, just like magic — there’s a warm blanket waiting in the wings.

Start by making little quilted blankets for babies or pets, then get the confidence to quilt a large blanket for the couch or bed. It’s always so special to pass down a handmade quilt through the generations; it’s like a special embrace from one generation to the next So get cozy, make yourself a cup of tea, and get quilting!

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18. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is almost a lost art – but not entirely. As typography is now the norm, a handwritten invitation, certificate, or note using calligraphy feels precious and dignified. And there’s something about that smooth glide of the pen and ink on high-quality paper that soothes the soul. 

Calligraphy will allow you to further personalize some of the craft ideas above, like scrapbooking and homemade greeting cards. If nothing else, practicing signing your name in this beautifully sloping script is fun. 

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