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When is the Best Time to Buy Exercise Equipment?

Looking to skip the gym and work out in the comfort of your home? Give yourself a pat on the back for wanting to improve your health because there are countless benefits of regular physical exercise, ranging from higher energy levels to stronger heart health. But let’s face it, working out isn’t always fun for everyone. We know how hard it can be to stay motivated, whether you’re starting a new fitness journey or simply feeling drained from a long day.

Having everything you need to work out at home can get (and keep) you moving. Not only is it easier to fit home fitness into busy schedules, but the decision to purchase at-home exercise equipment can save you from paying monthly gym membership fees. So, when is the best time to buy exercise equipment to maximize your success?

The Best Times to Buy Exercise Equipment

It’s always easier to build and maintain healthy habits when you’re feeling motivated and excited about the prospect of a healthier, happier you. Setting clear fitness goals and figuring out what kind of exercise you like will ensure you purchase the right equipment and supplies for you. For example, you wouldn’t want to splurge on an expensive indoor bike if deep down you really dislike spin cardio. You want to spend your money a form of exercise you enjoy — not something you’ll see as a torture machine. 

Ultimately, there is no single, one-size-fits-all, best time to buy exercise equipment — it’s up to you and when you feel that spark of motivation. However, there are certain times of year when you may notice yourself feeling just a liiiiittle more inspired. Let’s look at some of the times fitness motivation tends to be highest so you can start channeling that energy!  

After Thanksgiving

The month between Thanksgiving and the end of the year can be a difficult time to stay on top of health and fitness, thanks to elaborate holiday dinners that somehow always feature the most delectable desserts. After some much-needed indulgence and relaxation, you may feel the itch to get active again. 

Sure, some folks run 10ks and marathons; but, marathons aren’t for everyone, and you should never set goals that you're not excited about. You may feel more comfortable exercising at home at your own pace, whether you prefer virtual fitness classes or freestyling it. For a space-saving alternative, you may want to invest in some smaller exercise equipment, like individual weights, so you can get back into the fitness routine comfortably and affordably. 

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Around New Year’s

Though there is no official best time of year, “buy exercise equipment” is something many people add to their list of New Year's Resolutions. You may find yourself caught up in the fitness inspiration sweeping a lot of people at that time. Go with it! Many feel motivated with the fresh slate of a brand new year, making it the best time of year to buy exercise equipment. 

Gyms are notoriously crowded in January when everyone wants to make a fresh start in their fitness journeys due to the new year. Home gyms solve that problem — no need to wait your turn for the elliptical! Just remember, it can be easy to lose motivation when you’re not paying a monthly fee. To ensure your fitness motivation is not just a passing phase that will be beat out by life’s demands or Valentine’s Day chocolates, consider subscribing to popular on-demand fitness platforms or hiring a virtual personal fitness trainer. 

Having a personal fitness coach, even if it’s a virtual consultation every couple of weeks, keeps people on track and accountable. Or, team up with a friend to be accountability buddies. The important thing is that you give yourself a schedule to stick to, and maybe add in a little cheerleading from someone you love. After all, you don’t want your newly bought equipment to just gather dust and clutter up your home.

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Fast-forward four months to April and May and suddenly that fitness motivation is skyrocketing once more. Why? Because summer is coming and for some, that means showing off that body! Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, build muscle, or finally beat that rival team in your favorite sport, the warm months approaching summertime can be the best time to buy exercise equipment. 

After covering up all of winter, knowing that bathing suit season is approaching often spurs people to work out more. If this sounds like you, just remember not to focus on the idea of weight loss or super toned abs. Whenever you can, remind yourself that you’re working out because you want to be healthier and feel better, not because you are trying to meet impossible standards for vacation photos.

Working out is about creating healthy habits for yourself. Exercise shouldn’t only be about losing weight or getting lean — it’s about building confidence, challenging yourself, and feeling strong and healthy in your own body. Remember: every body is a bikini body. 

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Personal Life Events

In addition to the calendar year, life events may spur you to action, such as an upcoming wedding or developing an interest in a new sport. Alternatively, if you’re looking to spice up your social life, exercising can be a fun family or social activity (even when done at home). Working out with a good friend or sibling can make the time go by faster, while increasing accountability and fun.

When you discover a new sport or hobby – whether it’s a team sport or individual pastime – you’re going to want to be in tip-top shape for peak performance. Training and conditioning in the off-season or on days when you can’t practice may keep you limber. This could help prevent game-time injuries out on the field (or court, road, pool, track — whatever your style is!).  

For example, using at-home cardio equipment to maintain endurance can help prepare you for the next track meet or neighborhood charity marathon. If you play a seasonal sport like soccer, using an at-home treadmill, jump rope, or stationary bike can help keep you in shape in the off season. 

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Budget Shopping: Affordable Home Exercise Equipment

When is the best time to buy a treadmill or other home exercise equipment? Wish offers affordable and budget-friendly options year-round, meaning any time is the best time of year to buy a treadmill or any other exercise equipment you may like. No more sitting around waiting for flash sales or spending hours on auction websites bidding for used equipment. With Wish, it’s always the best time to buy fitness equipment.

Still, treadmills and other large equipment tend to be more on the expensive side, even when you do find a great discount. However, you don’t need a treadmill or exercise bike for cardio — there are lots of other ways to build strength and endurance. 

Many simple exercise supplies are also multi-use and take up less room in your home than big machines. Smaller and simpler exercise equipment are generally less expensive – and they still give you a great workout. These include:

  • Yoga mat and blocks – A non-slip yoga mat is a must while you stretch in downward dog, hold planks, or beat your own push-up record and yoga blocks can help stabilize you. Not a fan of yoga? Try pilates for some serious toning. 
  • Stretch bands – Stretch bands are a great investment because they not only help with stretching, but they can also be used as a workout tool themselves! By placing your hands at different places on the stretch band, you can choose your desired resistance for toning arms, for example.. 
  • Individual weights – Strength training is good to include as part of any exercise regimen, and you don’t need the fancy machines at the gym. A small collection of weights will give you a solid workout. Save money by not purchasing a full set – just the weights you’re likely to use most often.
  • Ankle weights – Thinking about skipping leg day? Don’t! The much-dreaded leg day doesn’t need to be full of rigorous bulgarian squats and burpees. Invest in ankle weights to wear while grocery shopping or put them on before jogging.
  • Jump ropes – This is not just a kids’ toy! Jump ropes are affordable and offer great cardio. You can find fun routines and learn dances to avoid boredom while jumping. 
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The Best Time to Buy Gym Equipment is Anytime with Wish!

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