5 Must-Haves to Get Your Car Road-Trip Ready

Not everyone dreams of a sunny vacation filled with palm trees. For some, a scenic ride with multiple destinations can be the adventure of a lifetime. But, before you hit the open road, it’s important to fully equip the one place you’ll be spending most of your time—your car. Read on for some items to consider adding to your car checklist for a smooth trip.


What should I bring on a long driving trip?

1. To help you get where you’re going: phone GPS mounts

If your car doesn’t have a built-in GPS screen, make sure you can go the distance with sturdy phone mounts. A road trip necessity, a car phone mount works like a charm to allow you to safely view directions and remain hands-free while driving. Depending on your preference, there are many different options ranging from suction cup mounts to magnetic holders that can easily be placed on smooth surfaces. Be sure to check your local laws for regulations that may limit where you can mount a device.

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2. To keep your devices charged: USB car chargers and cables

To keep your GPS working (and your road trip playlist going), a USB car charger that has ports to accommodate a variety of devices is a must-have. You may need to have more than one if several passengers will be along for the ride. Don’t forget to bring the cables you already have! But, to keep everyone in the car happy, a multi-charging USB cable would be the best option to enable several batteries to fill up at the same time.

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3. To bring you car’s battery back to life: a portable jump starter 

It’s no fun being stuck in the middle of the road with a dead battery when you are far away from help. Make sure you’re prepared with a car jump starter to get powered up and keep your vehicle moving. Get comfortable with the instructions and check that it’s fully charged before setting out for those long miles. 

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4. To give your tires a boost: a tire inflator

Before you begin your journey, inspect your tires (including your spare) for proper pressure and visible issues. As a backup, arm your car with a portable tire inflator or mini air compressor to handle any emergency flats or low pressure problems. 

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5. To keep the sun in check: car sun shades

Rear-seat window shading would be a welcome accessory for backseat passengers to help with sunlight protection as well as some privacy. In addition, when you arrive at a destination, reflective sun shades can keep your car cool when it’s parked so you don’t return to a very hot and uncomfortable interior.

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