Brands on Wish Women's History Month

4 Of Our Favorite Women-Owned Businesses on the Wish App

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we interviewed 4 inspirational female founders who are leading successful businesses with products destined to become your next obsession—we’re talkin’ beauty must-haves, zen essentials, and timeless jewelry. Learn more about them below and see which one of their star products should be added to your shopping cart the next time you’re on the Wish app.  

Gerard Cosmetics 

Jen Gerard Founder: Jen Gerard 

Types of products sold: Luxury makeup and teeth whitening products at affordable prices

How did you get started? “My business started as a mobile teeth whitening service. In the first year, I expanded the product offerings online and it was an instant success thanks to social media.”

Must-have item to buy on Wish: “1995 lipstick. It’s a neutral nude shade with a creamy matte finish. I always say that it’s a magic lipstick because even though it looks so different on each person, it’s universally flattering.”

GerardCosmetics Lipstick in 1995Gerard cosmetics lipstickWho’s the biggest female inspiration in your life? “I admire country singer, Shania Twain, because she overcame so much to become an international success, yet remains humble, down to earth, friendly, and kind.”

What advice would you give to young women trying to follow your footsteps? “Believe in yourself!  Always remember you teach people how to treat you.  One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Keep your heels, head, and standards high.’”

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Worldly Finds

Headshot_3Founder: Sonia Lenzi

Types of products sold: Positive energy, holistic spiritual wellness, self-care, and home decor products made from globally sourced natural ingredients

How did you get started?  "I was going through a personally challenging time with a difficult divorce and adjusting to being a single mama to a 2 year old. I needed to focus on gratitude, being happy, and finding new ways to stay positive so I could be the best version of myself for her and myself. She was my motivation to challenge myself. I was particularly interested in the self-care methods of multiple cultures, which influenced some of my brand’s unique offerings.  I already had a business reselling online since 2014, but I transformed it and launched the Worldly Finds brand to focus on creating products that were transformative to the spirit and stress relieving. Helping others find their happy place helped me find mine. I started with one sage smudging starter kit to test the market and found that so many folks needed a way to feel better, remove negativity and create a practice at home to maintain that. From there, I created new offerings around that concept to grow the product line. It all starts with that first step and every day taking action towards the dream."

Must-have item to buy on Wish: "Definitely try the sage smudging starter kit. It comes complete with 10 essential items and instructions to start creating a more balanced, zen-like positive energy in the home. It's a big value to get the kit versus buying each item separately and it’s very giftable as well. Plus, it's fun opening the box and exploring all the items inside."

Smudge Kit Who’s the biggest female inspiration in your life? "My friend Vanessa Sherwood, owner of the online specialty food company, The Curated Pantry, has been an invaluable inspiration, and constant support helping to empower my journey as I help her with hers. Every girl boss needs a BFF to lift them up and help them through the never ending challenges of entrepreneurship. Through her business journey I learn, grow, and navigate the tough waters of constant change. She is my sounding board for new ideas, working through challenges, and celebrating successes.”

What advice would you give to young women trying to follow your footsteps? "In order to change your life, you need to do things differently. Don't get caught in paralysis by analysis which is where so many people fail to take action. Push through your fear of failure as we all have it. Take little steps every day towards a goal and make lists to cross off daily. Join as many groups on Facebook as you can find in your niche and relentlessly read and engage with questions to learn everything you can. Become obsessed with your new venture and celebrate wins. If possible, find a friend with a similar goal so you can help each other reach it. Most of all, believe in yourself and that you can accomplish anything you want in life by putting in the effort. You got this girl, we all do. Finally, enjoy the journey. Owning a business is not for the faint of heart but it's very rewarding. Make sure whatever you choose to focus on will sustain your passion long term and fuel your soul."

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Skone Cosmetics

Headshot_2Founder: Natasha Caesar

Types of products sold: Budget-friendly luxury cosmetics designed to last from day to night

How did you get started? “In 2008, I was in middle management and lost my job so I decided to attend beauty school full time for skincare. After I graduated, I went back to corporate America and worked on Skone in the evenings and weekends. The first few years were very difficult with no sales, but with perseverance, things began to change. I partnered with a few beauty outlets, which led to brand awareness and sales in the United States and Canada.” 

Must-have item to buy on Wish: “I would recommend the Insanely Intense Tattooed liquid eyeliner. No matter what shape your eyes are or how old you are, lining your top lid is one of the most beautifulest things you can do to your face. For some, it opens the eyes and for others, it highlights the eyes giving them definition and appeal. Our eyeliner has a pen-like component, so it's easy to use and anyone can use it, even beginners.”   

Skone Cosmetics

Who’s the biggest female inspiration in your life? “I've been a huge fan of Oprah's work on mindfulness and spirituality, which changed my daily practices and perspective on life. Practicing mindfulness and meditation helps me with stress and boosts my creativity.”    

What advice would you give to young women trying to follow your footsteps? “In the beginning, it can be hard, so start small and do something you're good at. You don't have to follow everyone else; do what feels natural. Lastly, even if things aren't working out, I encourage you to keep going and never give up.  That ‘yes’ or next opportunity is right around the corner.”

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Le Ravishe Beauty Mart

Headshot_4Founder: Mfonobong Ikpim

Types of products sold: Authentic brand name perfumes, cosmetics, and fine jewelry

How did you get started? “During the pandemic, I needed to find a new way of making money, while taking care of my 3 kids. I saw an ad on Youtube about building a webstore. Out of curiosity, I followed the instructions and I was able to build one in a couple of days. I researched further and found suppliers for my items and I started advertising on Google, Facebook and Bing. Shortly afterwards, I received invitations from several marketplaces to sell my items and just kept growing from there.”

Must-have item to buy on Wish: “I would recommend trying something from our fine jewelry line, which features high quality genuine gold and very affordable items.”

Le Ravishe Beauty MartBuy nowWho’s the biggest female inspiration in your life? “I greatly admire former First Lady Michelle Obama. Her courage to shrug off and rise above criticism, and create a lasting positive influence inspires me.”

What advice would you give to young women trying to follow your footsteps? “You can be successful if you do not give up. Sometimes you will cry like a baby, but when you finish crying, get up and get back to work even if you do not feel like it. Consider the business your source of livelihood as well as a source of inspiration for your children or others who may look up to you.”

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