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21 Items Under $21 to Conquer 2021

It’s been quite a year, wouldn’t you say? We’ve learned, played, laughed, and maybe even cried, BUT a new year is on the horizon.

New hopes, new dreams, even new babies, are being born—a fresh start!

We rounded up 21 of our best Wish items that we know will make your life more comfortable in the new year. 2020 was challenging enough, so we want to help you start the year prepared and ready to take on anything!

  1. Keep the air around you inside your home, or even in your little bubble, FRESH with an air purifier.

    Air Purifier
  2. Whether you’re on a walk or just hanging in the house all day, stay hydrated! We’ve made it easy with this insulated stainless steel bottle.

    Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  3. While you’ve been staying at home, you’ve probably become a pro-snacker. Use this stainless steel grater while you’re enjoying munching. (On some veggies, hopefully 😉)

    Stainless Steel Grater
  4. You’ll want to continue to stay safe and healthy in the new year. Grab this 100 pack of masks for less than $10.

    100 Pack of Masks
  5. We know you’ve probably picked up some sport or created a new workout routine. Hence protect your knees with this knee compression sleeve.

    Knee Compression Sleeve
  6. Don’t forget to track your progress with this smartwatch.

  7. How about all our ballers out there? Basketball season is here. Have you been practicing? Get on it with these sneakers.

    Basketball Sneakers
  8. Like getting your steps in at night? This LED beanie will keep you warm and help lead the way.

    Beanie with Nightlight
  9. In 2020, we got to get real close to our friends and family, but sometimes you need a bit of space. Grab these socks and get the message across quickly in 2021.

    F Off socks
  10.  If you didn’t start a home reno project in 2020, take some time to upgrade your home life. You deserve it! Get this USB LED strip to set the mood and get the vibes right.

    USB LED strip
  11.  Speaking of upgrading the home, don’t you love having a soft and fuzzy rug? No cold, hard floor when your feet hit the floor.

    Oversized Area Rug
  12.  Since we’re getting cozy, let’s go! Grab this plush double layer blanket to snuggle up with during one of your regular streaming marathons.

    Plush Double Layer Blanket
  13.  If you haven’t gotten a Wish logo tee yet, what are you waiting on? We know you LOVE shopping on Wish, so why not show everyone that you do.

    Wish Logo Tee Shirt
  14.  Onto a more serious topic, stay safe with this robot security camera with night vision. Remain alert and aware at all times.

    At Home security robot camera
  15.  As most of us will still be spending time at home or outside, stock up on a classic, portable waterproof speaker.

    Waterproof portable speaker
  16.  Since we encourage and believe that you can multitask in 2021, get this magnetic cell phone car mount. Talk and drive, but also focus (please).

    Magnetic Cellphone Car Mount
  17.  While we’re on the subject of phones, what has 2020 taught us about cords? They’re everywhere! Get this elastic cord holder to keep everything in place and untangled. Cord knots are the worst.

    Cable or Cord Holder
  18.  Continuing with the theme of making your life easier, try this wall mount phone holder. Charge your phone anywhere and everywhere.

    Device Wall Mount
  19.  If 2020 taught us one thing, it taught us that your health is essential. Stay up to date on your health with this blood pressure monitor.

    Blood Pressure Monitor
  20.  Carrying on with the theme of health, make sure to keep your hands warm with these waterproof gloves. Bonus, you can still use your phone!

    Waterproof Gloves
  21.  Finally, we want to offer you this present of a covered hammock. Another big lesson from 2020: just chill. Take time to relax and enjoy the life you have.

    Covered Hammock


With this Wish list, what could go wrong? You have your tech gadgets, useful utensils, and some comfy cozy items to remain calm.New call-to-action

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