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What You Need to Celebrate National Watermelon Day to the Fullest

What makes you feel like summer is in full swing? Pool parties, long sunny days, and watermelon! 

It’s the fruit that defines a season of happiness and wonderful times with family and friends. 

Since it’s National Watermelon Day today, here at Wish we decided to bring you all things watermelon! 

The Watermelon Tools You Need 

When you want a juicy and refreshing slice of watermelon, it’s the infamous situation of how to go about slicing it up. 

At Wish, we like to make everything easy, so we’re giving you all the tools you need: 

A fruit slicer

watermelon circular slicer

The windmill slicer

watermelon windmill slicer

Now that we’ve gotten the slicing out of the way, we hope you’re ready to commit. 

Dripping in Watermelon Jewels

Add these earrings as the perfect accessory for any outfit, on the beach, or just in your own backyard. 

watermelon earrings

Thinking of something a bit more delicate? Get this dainty necklace.

watermelon gold necklace

Who Said Pool Party?

Thinking that having an actual watermelon at a pool party isn’t enough? Us too! 

Get one of these floats to lean into that watermelon life you’ve signed up for. 

circular pool float

If getting onto a pool float is a bit of a mission (it is for us, no judgment here) get this tube float with handles. We wish you the smoothest of landings!

watermelon circular inner tube

Store Anything in a Watermelon

Need to store your pens? How about where to keep your loose change? We’ve got something for that. 

Take your pick! We’ve got a pouch and a coin purse

When you’re ready to embrace full watermelon energy, make sure to get this purse

watermelon purse

Tech and Watermelons Can Be Friends 

It wouldn’t be Wish without having some tech involved. 

Grab one of these super cute USB keys. 

watermelon USB key

Thinking you want something that everyone will see? Choose from one of nine different phone cases

watermelon printed phone case

Outfit the Whole Fam in Watermelon Attire

When all else fails, just start wearing anything with watermelons. 

Starting with the kiddos is always a good idea. Outfit the toddlers with this precious onesie with a matching headband. 

toddler in watermelon onesie

baby playing in watermelon onesie

Last but not least, we can’t forget the four-legged fur babies!

Get this dog toy for any of your puppers! 

Feeling like we’ve covered everything watermelon? Maybe not! Head over to Wish to find anything you need. 

In the meantime, we’re going to get back to enjoying the sunshine and spending time with the Wish fam. 

Leave a comment below of what your favorite item is!