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Give your Kitties Some Extra Love on National Kitten Day

Happy National Kitten Day! 

We can only hope all your four-legged feline friends are already celebrating with catnip, new toys, or a nice long nap. 

Here at Wish, we know being a kitten can be quite the ordeal. Hence, we created the four essential kitten codes to abide by. 

A Wish list of everything you need to get through a day in the life of a feisty, energetic, and curious kitten. 

Kitten Code 1: A Growing Kitten Needs to Grub

Being a growing kitten, food is a must! Although, just being an animal, food is THE priority. 

kitten, cat, bowls

Give your kitten their daily meals with these super chic water and food bowls that give you dimension all in the name of design. 

kitten, cat, bowls

Want something unmistakably for your kitten? Grab these kitty ear bowls to continue down the path to kitty obsession. 

Kitten Code 2: Kitty Cat Life = Kitty Cat Everything 

Styling and profiling (and yes we mean on Instagram) is just a day in the life for the @theplushcat

cat sunglasses

Make sure your little kitten can join in on the fun with these cat sunglasses

How about showing some pride for the fam? It’s not a question, you have to! 

kitten, cat, clothes

Get ready any day and don’t forget about including your kitty too. Get them dressed in the “I love my daddy Tee” to show where your loyalties really lie. 

How about a space to rest their oh-so-delicate paws? Or when they’re just ready to ignore those cat parents they love so much. 

kitten, cat, bed

Let your furry feline saunter on over into their very own shark pet house

Kitten Code 3: To Play is To Live

Life just wouldn’t be the same without trying to figure out how to entertain your kitten or cat. Some toys are a major fail, others can draw in a whole crew and become the “IT” thing. 

Get this rotating daisy butterfly toy to keep the kitties locked in for hours, well maybe minutes, who knows? 

How about giving them a costume? They may not like it but again, who knows maybe they’ve always wanted to be a bat?

If the costumes aren’t your cat’s thing, stick with the tried and true toy: a fake fish

kitten, cat, fish, toy

Kitten Code 4: Kittens Become Cats and Cats Become YOUR Life

This is the moment where you fully commit – either you’re in or you’re out!

Start embodying cat life with this 3D cat phone case

cat phone

Make sure everyone knows, wherever you go that your love for cats is real. 

What about your kitchen accessories? 

kitten, cat, lid, mug

Keep a nice cup of tea or coffee warm with a cat ear lid

And finally, if you can’t stand a moment apart from your feline bestie, bring them everywhere with you in this cat pouch hoodie


It has a zipper, so any kitty cat can choose to say hello or call it a day on social activity. 

We’ve made it through all the official Wish kitten codes and maybe there’s more? What are all you cool cats and kittens thinking? Comment below and let us know. 

We had a thought! How about some kitty furniture? Click here for more. 

In the meantime, we’ve gotten a bit tired, which can only mean one thing... There’s always time for a cat nap.

kitten, cat