Over 20 Wish Items to Get You Out in Nature and Camping ASAP!

Leah Levine

The weather’s nice and you’ve been staying put for a while. You might be feeling that itch to go somewhere or just switch up the scenery. 

What better way to do it than to go camping? Fresh air, beautiful scenery, peace and solace from the city life. You could even create a little set-up in your backyard if you don’t want to go far. 

Take a look and get everything you need from Wish to get you outside and camping as soon as you want! 

Set the Stage

When it comes to camping, you need to make sure at the bare minimum you have something to sleep in. 

Whether it’s a tent...


A cot...


Or a sleeping bag


Staying cozy and warm makes looking up at the stars and night sky all the better. 

But let’s say you’re someone who wants a little bit more comfort. 


Use this inflatable sleeping pad for some extra cushion to enjoy a dreamy night of sleep. 

Adventure Time

When getting out into the wilderness, it’s a must to take a hike or long walk to find a hidden waterfall. Adventure is the name of the game!

No adventure would be complete without a rucksack backpack. Store all your stuff and keep a swimsuit on hand in case you find a river or secret waterfall to take a dip in. 


If a backpack is looking like too much of a commitment, grab this hiking water bottle belt


Stay hydrated and alert so you can catch all of nature's wonders. What if you can see something but not quite clear enough?


Get these binoculars to scope out a nearby hawk or your next hill to climb. When you venture out, it might be a good idea to have your phone working and fully charged. 

As much as getting lost can create a new adventure, you don’t want to be lost for too long! 


Keep this solar power bank handy and you’ll be able to capture all the nature you see and make it back just in time for a well-deserved meal. 

Cheffin’ it Up

You’ve made it back and now it’s time to grub!

Start preparing your next meal with this propane camping stove and cookware set.



The food is ready but where are you going to put it? Use this cooler that doubles as a table. 


Ready to plate it? Grab this multi-use cutlery to dig in! 


If you’re still feeling thirsty, use these folding cups that pack light and fold down for easy storage. 


Let’s not forget about early mornings because the birds will be providing a natural wake up call!


Keep this portable coffee maker on hand to get you through the early mornings or just for a little caffeine pick-me-up. 

Time to Kick Back and Relax

You’ve had an eventful day, you’ve eaten a hearty meal and now it’s time to just chill. 


Get to roasting and enjoy a delicious treat like s’ mores with these roasting skewers for only $2. MAJOR deal! 

One might say, you can’t fully relax without a chair. The unbelievable feeling of “Ahh!”


Sit back and relax in a folding chair or hammock


What if those adorable pests are bugging you like no other? 

Get this covered hammock with a mosquito net. When it’s time to relax, getting bug bites doesn’t have to be a part of it. 

Lighting is Key

Speaking of chill time, you want to make sure your campsite is well-lit and easy to find, just in case you take a bathroom trip in the middle of the night. 


Use these clip-on tent lights to find your way back to your campsite. 

How about if you’d like to venture out for a midnight hike? 


Grab this LED hat lamp clip to help you find your way and enjoy your adventure under the stars. 


AND, if you want something that shines brightly wherever you go, get a lantern light

All set to go camping? YES! Now you’ll be ready to soak in the fresh air, gaze at the wondrous trees and take in all of nature’s sights and sounds. 

Also, in case you forget something on your way to wilderness, you can pick it up with curbside pickup with Wish Local. 

 Happy camping and let us know where you go

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