Show Us How You Stay At Home With Wish and Win $3,000 Wish Cash!

Staying at home has been fun, right?

You discovered a new hobby, got back into shape, figured out you don’t need TV to have fun, or found out you are a bonafide chef! 

For some of our shoppers, Wish played a major role in making the days go faster AND, as always, keeping it weird. 

We wanted to know how you’ve been spending your time at home with Wish, so we asked! 

Check out a bunch of fun videos that we found AND we want more! Make sure to scroll to the bottom for your chance to win major Wish Cash!

Let’s get to WORK!

For any trying to put in the extra hours with all this extra time, get to stretching! 

Use this stretching strap to work on your splits or just work out those muscle aches after a hard workout. 

Maybe you might need some workout gear before you get started? All good, check out this full guide to women’s workout clothing. 

If you’re particularly in love with this pair of pink women’s workout pants, we get it, buy them now!

What about the guys? Don’t worry, we got you. Grab a Nike shirt and some Adidas shorts to get started.

Let’s say you’ve got the whole look going on but you might need some equipment to take your workouts to the next level. Get this jump rope and a yoga mat to get the show on the road!

Entertaining Yourself is your Newest Hobby

We’ve all become quite accustomed to streaming but how about when you actually need to do some work? Try out this Chromebook for ONLY $177! 

Are you over staring at a screen? We get it! Try diving into a HUGE pile of donut pillows

Instant happiness not guaranteed but will definitely help!

What about our furry friends? They get bored too! How about gifting your cat with this interactive toy? 

It’s your way of saying, “Thanks for letting me be all up in your space ALL THE TIME!” Want to see more adorable four-legged friends? Click here.  (Link to Milli’s Quarantine Pets Article)

Kids Just wanna Have Fun! 

While we’ve all been spending oodles of time at home, it’s actually been quite fun! 

This little lady seems to understand that jumping for joy on an inflatable hopper is part of everyday life. 

Playtime wouldn’t be the same without wacky outfits!

Get a couple of dinosaur onesies to scare the neighbors or just jump around in. 

What about when it comes to bath time? Soap in the eyes is a big no-no! 

Thankfully Wish has this amazing solution, a baby soap shield. Perfect? We think so too!

To conclude, we would like to like to sign off with an adorable AND lovable baby, because who doesn’t love babies? 

Have you ever thought to roll your baby in a burrito blanket? THINK AGAIN! 

Discover more adorable babies, weird Wish stuff, and all-around fun on TikTok. Yes, it’s official, we’re on TikTok

Feeling inspired? Ready to create your own video with your favorite Wish product? Do it!

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