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8 Times Your Pet Has Been Your BFF While Staying At Home

Pets: what would we do without them??

While being stuck at home, we’ve come to appreciate them a whole lot more. Not only do they love and protect us, but they’re SUPER excited to have us around all the time, and provide lots of comfort. 

They love dressing up, and always leave plenty of time to play. They entertain and inspire us, and know when to lay back and take it easy. Yup, Wish pets could really teach us a thing or two about how to make it through shelter in place without losing our minds, and here are all the reasons why! 

They’re up for ANYTHING if it involves spending time with you.

dog costume

@jasper.samoyed has his protective eyewear on and is ready to learn a new skill with you! 

No longer will he merely bark non-stop at the sk8terboys outside your house -- he will become one of them. 

So the next time someone asks what you’ve been up to during quarantine, “taught my dog to skateboard” better be your answer. Just make sure to capture it on film so they believe you.

They’ve got your best interest at heart.

cat costume

@link_il_gatto has but one question: where do you think you’re going without a mask and gloves?? Is this an ESSENTIAL shopping list? Have you washed your hands since coming home? 

Yep, this fluffy arm of the law is doing his part to protect you and keep you safe. Now if only you could return the favor and protect him from loud noises, wide-open spaces and cucumbers, you’d be even.

They’re a wonderful reminder to have fun in tough times!

dog, dog clothing


Our best furry friends ALWAYS leave time to play. 

The gentle nudge to give yourself a break is exactly what we need. They also don’t need much to be happy. We could learn a lot from them!

Their idea of the perfect vacation is happening as you read this.

pets, dog

Rupert is blissfully unaware that spring break was canceled. He thinks you’re having it right now, at home, with him. 

Isn’t the definition of vacation wearing PJs all day, snacking your heart out and giving him belly rubs as he wears his favorite tropical bandana from Wish? Don’t burst his bubble, just let him have this! It’s been a tough year. 

They unwittingly provide hours of entertainment.

The pure joy this kitty experiences from his Wish toy can’t help but make you smile! 

Watching your little fluffball play for hours on end has a very calming effect. This level of contentment can’t compete with streaming services, in our opinion.

They inspire you to change out of your PJs every once in a while.

cats, pets

pets, dogs

They remind you that sometimes you just need to get dressed up and look cute, even if no one is around to see it. 

Putting on pants (as much as we hate them) can make you feel human again, and they know it! They also will never mock you for wearing shirts with their face printed on the front.

They help you cook dinner even when it’s cabbage for one.

Not all pets have fur-- some have plumage, and this feathered friend is very helpful in the kitchen. 

Observe his technique for preparing lettuce! Couldn’t have done this meal prep without him, that’s for sure. 

They prompt you to take it easy.

pets, cat house

Ok, so maybe we didn’t WANT to spend months at a time indoors.

But in today’s fast-paced world, hasn’t it actually been pretty nice to take a chill pill and catch up on some much-needed rest? 

Without having to plan anything or go anywhere, we bet you’ve been enjoying a lot more cat naps. 

They let you dress them absurdly.

pets, dog costumes

pets, dog

These little cuties don’t bat an eye when you put them in silly costumes. Obedience has never been more adorable, and we have to say, they don’t seem to mind at all!

They know how you feel when your roommate, spouse, or children are driving you nuts.

pets, cats, cat bed

Ok, so maybe not ALL pets are stoked to have their humans around every moment of the day. 

Some like their alone time, just like we do. 

If they could talk, they’d be totally supportive of your idea to turn your closet into a private "office", so you can have a moment to yourself! After all, personal space is important to every living creature.

A “day at the beach” for them is a day on your lap. 

pets, dog clothes

When this is all over, steel yourself for a LOT of doe-eyed looks that say: 

“You’re going to the beach without me?? What do you think I put on my Wish shirt for?!” 

There’s a reason it’s called puppy-dog-eyes and there is no way to defend against them. So don’t even try.

Well, Wish fam, we hope this collection of beloved pets is a nice reminder that staying at home hasn’t actually been all that terrible. Your best furry friend enjoyed having you around! 

So don’t forget your time with them, make sure to thank them with plenty of back scratches and cuddles PLUS a few new toys from Wish doesn’t sound like a bad idea. 

Don’t have a pet?? No worries! We’ve got some other ways for you to pass the time and give you time to start thinking about how awesome pets are!