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Keeping the Kids Educated and Entertained While You're At Home

For all the parents out there, times have truly changed. Childcare has now become a part of your daily routine and we mean taking care of your OWN children. 

All of a sudden you’re not only a parent but a teacher, daycare provider and let’s not forget about your career – someone has to pay the bills. 

Here at Wish, we decided to make it easy – a one-stop-shop if you will. We’ve created a list of 15 of our must-haves to help you through this time when you now have the opportunity to be a jack of all trades. 

Bonus: All of these items are Wish Express, which means you can have them as soon as possible.  

Welcome to Home Schooling 

Become the teacher you’ve always wanted to be (whether you like it or not). Start your daily lessons with a dry erase board to get your home feeling like the classroom. 

When it’s time to switch subjects, break out this Montessori math tool and a math workbook to make learning fun. 

The home classroom doesn’t have to be as boring as an actual school. 

To keep the youngins’ in the loop of social etiquette make sure to take some time and read the manners books for toddlers. Social distancing won’t last forever, so they’ll need to be ready once school is back in session. 

For the older kids working on their penmanship, assign daily increments of writing time in a cursive workbook

Family Fun and Adult Screen Breaks 

Open up this old-fashioned wooden puzzle building block set or start a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Looking to just work on word association or play a little game of eye spy with my little eye? Use this kid’s city playmat to get the brain juices flowing. 

Want to work on building a masterpiece? Start with these magnetic building blocks and create whatever your mind desires. 

Let’s get outside, please!!!

When playing inside starts to feel like cabin fever, grab some walkie talkies and plan your next covert mission. 

What about setting up a shelter for your child’s next big battle in the backyard? Get a tent! They can make it their own workspace outside too!

Since you’re already outside, wouldn’t it be fun to play soccer or football or basketball? Grab an inflatable beach ball and create any kind of game you’d like. 

Time to Work and Keep it Calm

When you’ve worn out the younger kids and moved on to nap time it can only mean that it’s quiet time for the older kids. You’d also like to get some work done too? (Maybe)

Give them a coloring book or a sudoku book to challenge or calm their mind down. 

If they still want to continue on the learning train, they can work through their own lessons with the phonics box set

With all of these items or even just a few, we know your days will begin to find a rhythm and routine. If you need something else, head on over to Wish

This is a wonderful time to appreciate being at home with your family. Hop off that conference call and enjoy some family fun outside or in your backyard. 

Take as many screen breaks as you can (including adults) and delve into an imaginary spy mission. 

We can’t wait to see what you get up to! Tell us how you’re doing at home with kids!