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Reno Your Space with these 11 Key Wish-entials

The birds are chirping, the flowers are starting to blossom and everything you see is bursting forth with a new sense of life.

Which only means, it’s time for some spring cleaning. But not in the old, tired way. We’re thinking more along the lines of an update or renovation.

Where do you spend most of your time when you aren't sleeping or watching tv? Your home office!

We’ve created a list of the Wish-entials that you’ll need to do this reno quickly (all items are Wish Express) and make it cost less than a night out on the town. 

Start shopping with Wish now and get that reno underway!

Set Yourself up for Success:

To start every day, you need a designated space for you to thrive, create or what some people call ‘work.’ What might be the most essential product? Your desk. 

desk, renovation

You need a desk to plan, strategize or calculate your next move or project. But not any desk, this wood desk is water and scratch resistant for the bargain price of $39.

We all know you have to get up once in a while and stretch the legs but your chair is a major player in your home office set up. 

This ergonomic chair is set up to move and maneuver to fit your personal needs. 

You might be thinking “This is going to cost an arm and a leg”, but this is Wish. Shopping is fun and cheap! Which makes perfect sense because this chair costs less than $70 dollars. 

Organize to Survive:

Let’s get ready to organize!

Set up your desk for success with these rose gold desk organizers. Choose from 3 different sizes or just get them all – they’re only $8 a piece.

Stay focused and remember what day you’re on during that important phone call with these fun desk calendar blocks

desk calendar, renovation

How about figuring out what you need to get done right now? Write it all down and bring yourself back to grade school with this blackboard agenda

chalkboard, renovation

Decor for More Flair:

You’ve taken care of the major organizational elements but what about adding some artwork or family photos to personalize your space? 

Hang up a floating shelf to display a sacred family memory or any seasonal decor to give your space that extra bit of life. 

Use this modern circular wall mount or these intricately braided plant holders to add some greenery to your home office space. 

Now that you’ve begun the process of decorating, you need some real art to line those walls. 

If you don’t have that coveted green thumb, you can grab these cactus canvas paintings for less than $10 to add all the plant life you need. 

Finally, to make all things right in your home office space, set the mood with a humidifier

Cloak the space in calming lavender scents as you call it a day and head off to dinner. Or awaken in the morning to a fresh cherry blossom aroma to activate your mind and get you excited about what the day may bring!  

Pick and choose from as many Wish items as you want to create a renewed feeling of determination and focus for your office space.

Once you’ve completed your renovation, share it with us. We’d love to hear what Wish items you choose and how they’ve made every day feel new.