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How to catch every TOUCHDOWN on Thanksgiving Day

HUT! HUT! Blue 42! Hike! 


Grab that cup of Joe, find that perfect place on the couch and get in the game. Everything you need for the best Thanksgiving football experience with Wish Shopping!

Wish has all the pro tips on to keep you game focused all day long without ever leaving the comforts of your sofa. 

Set up a soundbar right behind the couch, to hear all the action from when flag thrown to the first TOUCHDOWN!

Pro Tip: You can snab this on Wish PickUp at the last minute, Thanksgiving day upgrade! 


Grab this chip snacking helmet and this football bowls to complete the perfect lineup of all your favorite chips, dips and more. 

Helmet Snack

Football Snack Bowls

No illegal formation here, before you start to snack keep the crumbs and messes off your furniture with this football placemat.

With any game day, you need the perfect refresher to relish in all the excitement as your favorite team takes to the field. We can’t let you fumble on Thanksgiving so we have set you up for success. Pick any type of receptacle to keep you hydrated throughout all the games! 


Option 1: 

This fun beer holster, will keep your hands free and your favorite beverage always by your side.

Pro Tip: It will be so easy and fun to tap into your Old West alter ego with this holster!

Beer Holster

Option 2: 

We know you could care less about staying hydrated but how about less trips to the fridge? Good idea! Just grab two drinks and place them in the hat and there you have it! Drinks for hours!

Pro Trip: Can’t decide which beverage you want? Have them both!

Party Hat

Option 3:

Keep it all in a drink backpack that you can easily drink from, don’t even have to think about refills. 

Pro Tip: You have up to 5 liters of space, fill it with whatever you want!

Drink Backpack

Wish has set you up for success, TOUCHDOWN! 

You have everything you need to stay glued to the TV and even limit those bathroom breaks. No need to grab a refill, worry about making a mess or even miss the gaming winning play. 

Turn up the volume and feel the crowd cheer as if you are right there in the stadium. 

What are you waiting for? It’s GAME TIME!