How to Pull Off a 24-hour gaming streak

Nov 14, 2019 12:00:00 PM | Trending How to Pull Off a 24-hour gaming streak

To help you complete your next gaming marathon, we’ve got the cheat code to keep you in top player shape so you can avoid a game over moment.

If you’re a gamer, you are very familiar with how addicting the digital world can be. Especially when you connect to a community where you find fellow comrades and potential opponents to keep you on your player toes. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a single player or part of a team, once you get your hands on that one game you love, it’s so easy to get hooked. But pulling off an all night session is not an easy feat and definitely not one that any basic player can do well.

Gaming Set Up

Every gaming fan has at one point, stayed up all night to reach the next level in their quest to victory. As a matter of fact, you can’t beat a reigning champ in just a couple of hours, it takes hours of dedication and practice before you are ready to own the title. 

To help you complete your next gaming marathon, we’ve got the cheat code to keep you in top player shape so you can avoid a game over moment.

Check out our go-to guide of what every player needs need to achieve champ status! Start shopping with Wish now!

Choose the right gear for game day

Gaming Controller

The right controller is your secret weapon to battling your competition and slaying enemies, while remaining the ultimate ruler from the courtesy of your couch. No one can stand a chance! 

This wireless controller is compatible with a smartphone, tablet or TV and has a turbo acceleration function. Packing power and efficiency, it will help you compete in any powerful battle!

Take your gaming experience to the next level by upgrading your headphones. No gamer is able to maximize their gaming experience without cinematic headphones! Period!

Wireless Headphones

Outside noise is distracting and you need to be able to communicate with other gamers. Above all, you’ll be able to talk to anyone and everyone. Also, these noise-canceling wireless headphones allow you to connect to two smartphones.

The snuggle is real!

Keep it comfy all night long. You can’t be distracted by tight clothing and non-stretch, that’s for people trying to live boring everyday lives.

Rock these sweatpants and sweatshirt to get the message across without even having to speak a word. It’s game time, baby! Focus! I’m over here trying to WIN IT ALL, don’t talk to me! 

Gaming Socks

Gear up for an all nighter with the best socks to add to that same message you are serving up with your sweats.

For when the thirst comes a callin’

Cup Holder

Don’t move to get a sip of your favorite drink, keep it right by your side with this clip-on cup holder. Keep yourself hydrated but take small sips, remember, bathroom breaks are limited. 

Now that you have your cup holder, you need something to actually put your drink in. 


With this stainless steel thermos, you can keep your coffee warm or your soda ice-cold for up to 24 hours. 

So, you have a cup holder and the thermos but how do we keep the liquids a coming. Don’t want to waste time opening bottles and closing them, we have bigger fish to fry!

Soda Dispenser

Use this handy drink dispenser to keep the soda flowing. Bonus, this little helper keeps the fizz throughout dispensing the whole bottle and can be used on bottles of up to two liters. 

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Wish PickUp

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So, do you feel prepared? Do you think you can make it all night long? 

Don’t even think about doubting yourself. You got this! Get comfy, grab your gear, stock up on beverages. AND just in case grab anything last minute with Wish Pick Up, for those last minute emergencies. 

That’s it, let the games begin ✌️

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Written By: Leah Levine

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