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5 White Things You Can Totally Wear AFTER Labor Day

We all know the saying that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, but don’t let an outdated rule keep you from rocking the stylish color all year. White is a classic neutral that serves as a staple to many outfits. Here are 5 insta-worthy outfits to wear after September 2. 

OTF Sweater - As we begin transitioning to fall, this white sweater will keep you warm and stylish. 

Wrap Dress - This jersey dress is so comfortable, you’ll look flawless without putting in too much effort. 

Button Down - These cute buttons add a feminine touch to this classic piece. 

Blazer - This is the perfect layer to elevate any look. 

Jumpsuit - A flowy jumpsuit will keep you cool while dancing all night long.

Just because you might pack away some of those linen vacation pieces, doesn’t mean you can’t wear white all year round. Tag us @wish in your white Wish wear!