Wish HQ Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Jason's Wish Picks

Hi, my name is Jason and I have worked at Wish for 3 years on the Product team. I handle Quality Assurance and testing across Wish’s 4 platforms to ensure a seamless user experience. This gives me a leg up for finding swaggy products. Scroll down to find some of my favorite items! 

Pokemon Socks - Gotta catch em’ all! Pokemon trading cards were a huge part of my elementary school days. Why not have some stylish pikachu socks to complement your wardrobe. Not going to lie but I’ve had strangers on the streets give me a smile of affirmation or humble praise “cool socks man.” 

Golden State Warriors Fantastic 4 T-Shirt - Growing up a Warriors fan, I’ve held onto my hopes for good times through the lowest of lows. As of late, they’ve been dominating and why not go to the Wish App to find a shirt highlighting 4 all-stars that signify this recent rise to the top. Perfect fit for a sleeping shirt or to wear out for big game. #dubnation #splashbro

Toilet Bowl Light - HOT FIND ALERT !! This product adds the finishing touches to your bathroom game. It is a very practical accessory since who likes getting blinded by a bright light in middle of night? This is a mellow, ambient light and you can set the timer so it transitions between 8 colors.

Rainbow Alpaca - Give me a hug! My co-workers are huge fans of this purchase and always wanna hold Roberto. Yes, I gave him a first name. This stuffed animal is perfect for your desk, nightstand, or snuggled in between your arms during a restful night of sleep.

Country Keychains - Nostalgia is an emotional feeling we all carry around on a regular basis that can have our minds draw up something we’ve experienced in the past. For me, traveling to far-away lands is something I hold close to my heart. This Costa Rica keychain reminds me of the verdant landscape, waterfalls, and authentic cuisine. There are many keychains to choose from that might remind you of a wonderful past trip you completed!

Thanks so much for reading about my Wish shopping experience. Hope you continue to have fun on the app and remember to keep scrolling for the gold.