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Wish Influencer Spotlight: Karla with a Kay

Let's talk makeup with Karla; she's giving us the low down on these lashes she received for FREE from the Wish App!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. What are you doing now and where do you come from?
A: I am what you would call a "Small Town Runaway." I was born and raised in Barstow, CA. I always knew i wanted to live in the City. I came out to Long Beach to get my Bachelors in Communication Studies. After graduating I was waitressing then eventually got into the Music Industry. I am now a Social Media Coordinator at Del Records and Part Time YouTuber.Eventually I would like to be full time on YouTube.
Q: How did you start your channel?
A: I have been wanting to start it since maybe 2011, I Figured if I didn't I would never. I filmed in my car literally on a little iPhone 6 a review on hair vitamins. I wanted people to know that they didn't work for me I think I was just ready to film anything...I wanted to create content so then I did.
Q: Why do you enjoy shopping on Wish?
A: I like paying less for more! Basically I compared a product that I bought at an expensive store to something I had ordered on Wish and after finding out that it was the same thing I started getting hooked on the App.
Q:  What is something that your audience doesn't already know about you?
A: For the past year i've had no social life. Literally I work at my Full time job Monday-Friday  9am-6pm then get home to relax/run weekly errands then on Saturday morning I wake up and film practically all day ( if i need redos) then on Sunday I do laundry/ edit/ and get prepared to do it all over again. I love creating content, But my full time job pays my bills.
Q: What's the hardest lesson you've had to learn from developing your channel?
A: Consistency really is key. Sometimes I sleep in because of how tired I am after a long week which ends up in not filming. I notice that my numbers are higher when I remain consistent.
Q: If you could do a  video with any other YouTuber who would you choose and why?
A: I have 2 answers only because the person I would have chosen already retired:
1. Jlovesmac1: Because she's the first YouTuber I ever watched, I would film  videos in my old room at like 15 years old pretending to be a "YouTuber" that I never uploaded because of her..still I think I started because of her.
2. AlphaM: Honestly, I think he's the male version of me. I really look up to him because of what he's created through his channel. I think that we'd be a dynamic duo.
Q: Best advice for people shopping on Wish?
A: Always look at reviews! And when you do shop on the App post up your own product shots with feedback, others will appreciate it! Have fun with it:)