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Paradise for the Unicorn Obsessed - Part 1

We all know someone who's obsessed with unicorns. Because really, who isn't? If you're feeling an urge to buy something rainbow-y, or just want to feel instantly happier by looking at the bright colors of the mythical animal, than this article is for you! Check out our list of top unicorn items on Wish.

1 - Cozy items for the bedroom

You're guaranteed to have a magical night of sleep when you're surrounded by unicorns...

2 - Glowy rainbow makeup 

Makeup can be magic and help you transform into being a unicorn yourself ;)

3 - A summer's dream

From floaties to drink holders and bathing suits, be sure to have at least one of these items for a magically cool summer!

4 - Little touches of magic

Technology is magic. When it's unicorn technology, it's even better. Because science :)

Like what you see? We've got many more (sooo many more...) unicorn items on Wish. Take a look yourself, or stay tuned for a part 2, 3, 4... ;)