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St Patrick's Day Aficionado? Check Out Wish's Best Beer Items!

With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner (March 17), we thought it would be fun to share some of our most popular beer-related products. Whether for yourself or as a gift, we’re sure the beer-lover in you will find something fun on Wish. Check out our list below!

1 - Beer Opener

Always on you as a key-chain or a ring (it’s good to always be prepared in the case of a sudden beer pong party), or as a cool decoration item, bottle openers come in many shapes and forms!

2 - Posters

Give your home a vintage-y feel with these awesome (and always funny) posters. Which one describes you and your friends the most?

3 - Clothing

Proud of your love for beer? Show it with your clothing! Here we’ve added a couple of shirts that will be perfect for St Paddy’s Day.

4 - Cups

Drinking a glass of beer is nice. In a cool led skull cup, it’s even better.

5 - Beer Enthusiast Must-Haves

From a specific bell to let everyone know of your beer needs, to a beer (or more generally cans) organizer, there are many more fun/original/whacky products on Wish. But one we would really encourage you to purchase is a breathalyzer. We may joke about drinking beer, but please, always drink in moderation and never drink and drive!

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