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13 Things to Pack for Your Next Snow Trip Getaway

Going on a ski trip but not sure what to pack? Check out our list of very affordable items (some classic, others a little more out there) that will make your trip even better!

Sleep mask - Free

Sleeping in a bed other than your own can sometimes be difficult. But a snow trip requires endless amounts of energy,  so make sure you get a full night of sleep with these fluffy sleeping masks! Added bonus - it’ll also help keep your head just a little bit warmer.

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Beanies - Free to $8

When vacationing in the mountains, beanies are an absolute necessity. Not only do they keep you warm, they can also be a great fashion accessory to complete your snow outfit! Here are a few of our faves. 

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Hand warmer - Free

Better than gloves - hand warmers. Hand warmers can mean the difference between calling it a day early and playing outside for as long as possible.

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Scarf - $1 to $13

Warm and buttery scarves top our wish list for winter months all year round. Ahead, the most fashionable accessories to keep yourself warm.

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Music player - $12

A literal dreampad to play your favorite tunes and keep you entertained during the evenings.

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Travel kit -  Free

Travelling by plane? Don’t let leaky bottles ruin your trip.  

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First aid kit - Free

You never know when a first aid kit may come in hand, so always be prepared. Especially on a ski strip. And because slipping happens!

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Slippers - $16

Nirvana for your feet - they deserve it.

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Self-stirring mug - $5

Cold and tired after a long day of skiing? A hot chocolate will help. Especially served in a self-stirring mug, all you’ll need to do is just sit down and enjoy it!

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Onesies - $10 to $19

Where do we start with onesies? Cozy, warm, cute, practical, funny. We’ve got styles for days.

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Travel pillow - $1

Grab yourself a pillow if you’re lucky enough not to be the driver.

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Skull face mask - $1

Be the pirate of the powder!

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Snow goggles - $18

You probably don’t expect to find high quality snow gear on Wish, but based on the 4.5 star ratings of 5000+ people on this pair, it’s pretty safe to say they’ll do their job right. And for an unbeatable price.

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