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10 Essential Christmas Home Decor Items

A recent research has shown that those who decorate for Christmas earlier are happier folks. So why wait? Let's start decorating for the holidays right now! All items from Wish. Shop the full guide here.

  1. Christmas Sock Bag$1
    Give Santa a place to leave his gifts.[gallery type="rectangular" ids="175,172,174"]




  2. Advents Calendar$6
    Counting the days until Christmas eve? This will make it more fun.
    Advent Calendar
  3. Christmas Tea Candles$3
    Holy night, burning bright - oh yes, these candles are lit!
    [gallery type="rectangular" ids="176,177,178"]


  4. Wreath$15
    Front door, kitchen door, bathroom door - let everyone know that Christmas is near!
    [gallery type="rectangular" ids="209,210"]


  5. Christmas Tree Skirt$8
    The only skirt a Christmas tree wants to wear.
    [gallery ids="211" type="rectangular"]


  6. Santa Hat Chair Cover $1
    Invite your family and friends to your holly jolly Christmas table.
    [gallery type="rectangular" ids="214,213,215"]


  7. Christmas Tree Wall Sticker$3
    No space in your room, no money for a tree? Don’t worry - this one will just do good!
    [gallery ids="216" type="rectangular"]
  8. Pillow Case$3
    Days become shorter, temperatures lower - you know all you want to do is get cozy on the couch and watch your favorite Christmas flick!
    [gallery type="columns" ids="219,222,225,229,230"]
  9. Shower Curtain$14
    Real Christmas enthusiasts shower only behind this shower curtain.
    [gallery type="rectangular" ids="221,224,226"]
  10. Hundreds of LED lights$5
    Since National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, don’t we all dream of a house full of lights?!
    [gallery type="rectangular" ids="233,231,232"]