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18 Items From Wish You Need to Educate and Entertain Your Kids

As the school year begins again, we can all agree, it’s going to be different. 

Whether you’re doing distance learning or heading back to the classroom, here at Wish we want to make it easy for you. It’s our mission and we take it very seriously! 

Check out our Wish list of 18 must-have items to help you create an environment of learning, creativity, and sheer play! 

Set the Stage to Learn Any Day!

Learning at home or in school, technology is involved, whether we like it or not. At Wish, we like to make your life a bit easier. 

We found this tablet mount so you can avoid the never-ending task of keeping the tablet from falling, slipping, or sliding down. 

As much as technology is part of life, we want to include an old-school essential, the chalkboard

Write equations or new words, whatever it may be, ditch the screen for a while. 

When you’ve finally accepted being a teacher, assign some seats, and embrace the classroom aesthetic with this table and chairs set

Molecules, Elements, and Materials – Let’s Talk Science

If you’re at a loss of where to start, don’t worry, take it easy, and let the book do the work. Get this science book to keep it simple and keep the learning on track. 

Trying to explain where we are? What is the planet Earth? Start with this interactive solar system kit to build the planets and create our solar system. 

Thinking about doing some experiments today? As a parent, you know safety is key. Get these science goggles to protect the kiddos’ eyes and let them watch it all come to life!

Let’s say today isn’t the day to blow things up – how about we move to look at bugs in high definition?

Get this kid’s microscope to look at an actual squirming bug with your own two eyes, not on a screen. We’re leaving screen time out of this. 

PEMDAS Anyone? 

We’re going to stay consistent if you don’t know where to start, pick up this math workbook

When staring at a book has lost interest, try something interactive. 

This magnetic math toy keeps the brain working and keeps the hands busy at the same time. 

Have the other kids lost interest? Get them involved with a game of math flashcards. Crossing our fingers you can make this multi-tasking math happen. 

Spark Your Imagination and Create a Masterpiece! 

Once you’ve worn out your mind, it can only mean one thing: it’s time to let it wander. 

Get the whole family involved with this Tie-Dye Kit

Make matching shirts or socks. The best part: anything that’s created is art and wearable!

Thinking of something that is a bit more focused? Get this watercolor paint set and watercolor brush

After the masterpiece has been crafted, hang it on the wall or add it to the house decor by using this canvas

I’m Ready to Play, Are You? 

We know, you’re probably ready to get outside or at least let loose. Let’s play!

Start a Game of Boys vs. Girls or Parents vs. Kids with this large outdoor Connect Four set

Is it hot inside? Get involved with a classic water balloon fight! 

Can’t go to the bowling alley? We’ve got you! Create it at home with these wooden bowling pins

Still can’t find something you like? How about some corn hole. The kids might not even know this game exists! 

You’ve made it! Whether you inched there, crawled there, or made it via some magical feat, you’ve made it through the day. 

Here at Wish, we applaud you and thank you (even if the kiddos don’t want to say so). We know being a parent isn’t easy. 

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