12 Top-Selling Wish Express Products to Make Your Life Easier Today

Leah Levine
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Have you ever seen the little orange truck icon? It usually lives right next to the price of an item on the Wish app.

You probably thought, “How cute! My Wish products are being delivered from an orange truck.” Not quite. It’s Wish Express. You want it, you got it! It’s that simple. New call-to-action

Order any Wish Express product – yes, we mean ANY – and you’ll receive it within 3-5 days. No more waiting, no more watching delivery trucks all day hoping they have your package. The wait is OVER!!

Now that you know about Wish Express, here’s a little inspiration about what to buy. We found 12 of the most extraordinary Wish Express items out there to make your life a lot easier (and better). It’s the Wish way. 😉

First, who doesn’t love Bath bombs? They fizz, they sizzle, and then BAM, you just upgraded your bath. Basic soap and bubbles move out of the way!


BathBombs Wish Express


Since we’re on the topic of comfort, you know we had to throw in the Head Massager. Good ol’ fingernails aren’t cutting it, and honestly, sometimes you do more harm than good. 


Head Massager Wish Express


Moving on, let’s talk Artificial Flowers. We all know they aren’t grade A, BUT they stay alive, stay looking healthy — some, and always brighten up any space. We only see plus, plus, plus.  


Fake Flowers Wish Express


Let’s take it to the kitchen because making your life easier there is the goal. Period. Try out this Electric Pepper Grinder. Once you go electric, you’ll never go back. 


Electric Grinder Wish Express


Sorry to disappoint, the electric movement stops here. BUT this Garlic Press will change it all! Put down the knife and grind it out. 


Garlic Press Wish Express


Are we done grinding? New motion, with this Marinade Injector, let the tools do all the work for you. Simplify – that’s all we’re thinking about. 


Marinade Injector Wish Express


Another one! Get these Herb Scissors so you can chop and clip in a straightforward motion. Get ready to garnish and adorn your meals with fresh herbs. 


Herb Scissors Wish Express


With picnics popping up everywhere and park parties becoming a thing, you need this Heated Lunch Box


Heated LunchBox Wish Express


OR maybe you want to keep it light and summery. Get this Portable Blender and bring your smoothie with you everywhere. Blend while on the go. Multi-tasking is the vibe. 


Portable Blender Wish Express


Another Wish shopper favorite, this Vacuum Sealer. Who doesn’t love to save space? We’d love to know. Comment below!

Vacuum Sealer Wish Express

We wanted you to know, for all the crafters out there, we didn’t forget about you and the magic of Wish Express. This Knitting Machine will save you time so that you can harness all that creativity for more projects. Time is of the essence. 

Knitting Machine Wish Express

Finally, a wild card. Waterproof Gold Shimmer Cards. Why do you need them? When you want to play a game in the pool, in the shower, in the rain. No judgment here. 

Waterproof Cards Wish Express

There you have it Wish fam. Some of the best Wish Express items we have to offer. 

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With Wish Express, it’s all possible. Presto Magic

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